Course staff coaching behaviours

Mountain Training England have commissioned Dr Samantha McElligott to deliver a series of four webinars for providers and course staff on the topics of giving feedback, goal setting, questioning skills and listening skills. These CPD webinars are designed to support providers in the delivery of their courses with a focus on helping candidates progress towards assessment. The content has been developed in response to a four-year PhD research project into candidate pathways through our schemes: read the report

The researcher, Will Hardy, set out to examine how candidates progress through a qualification, from registration to successful assessment, focussing on the Mountain Leader qualification. In his recommendations he highlighted course staff coaching behaviours as one of the factors that influenced the likelihood of candidates getting to and being successful at assessment.

Here is a short intro to the sessions from Samantha:



Session 1: Giving feedback



Giving feedback resources

Session 2: Goal setting



Goal setting resources

Session 3: Questioning skills



Questioning skills resources

Session 4: Listening skills



Listening skills resources