Who can join?

Anyone who has:

  • Registered 
  • Completed training 
  • Been deferred on an assessment
  • Gained/passed an assessment 

for a Mountain Training qualification.

As soon as you register for a Mountain Training qualification join the Association.

Following training we can and will help you towards assessment.

Upon qualifying we can keep you current, offer ongoing assistance, update on Mountain Training and the qualification and link you to other members.

Why join
  • Up to 50% off major brands of walking, climbing and mountaineering clothing and equipment, guide books, courses and accommodation
  • Regional groups and events around the UK and Ireland
  • Exclusive continuing personal / professional development workshops
  • Mentoring programme to help you through your qualification
  • The Professional Mountaineer - peer written and reviewed quarterly magazine
  • Insurance offer for qualified members
How to join?

£39 for the year

Click the link below and it will take you to your Mountain Training account on the Candidate Management System (CMS)/Tahdah.

Join now