Why join?

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There are many reasons to join from ultimately saving you money on kit and equipment to being part of that essential community of peers that will help you to gain your qualification and then stay current once you've passed the assessment.


Join now!

For the learning

Workshops and regional events on topics such as:

  • flora and fauna,
  • access and conservation,
  • geology and
  • technical skills such as navigation

These are a significant part of what the Association is all about.

Some are paid workshops facilitated by Mountain Training accredited providers, experts in their field.

Others involve members getting together to practise skills.

They all provide you with opportunities to learn and develop as a leader, instructor or coach.

For the community

Our association’s regional groups provide a social network of people with shared interests in your local area.

Regional volunteers provide regular events and opportunities for people to connect, usually for free.

Also, the Association’s mentoring programme connects experienced and qualified leaders, coaches and instructors with those preparing for assessment. Mentors can help you to recognise what areas you want to work on and develop for the 

For the discounts

Save money on clothing and equipment, guide books, first aid courses and accommodation. The Association offers it's members great discounts on recognised brands:

  • 50% off Sherpa Adventure Gear
  • 40% off Osprey
  • 25% off Garmin
  • 20% off Cotswold Outdoor and Snow+Rock
  • 20% off Harvey Maps

For the peer reviewed magazine

The Professional Mountaineer is a quarterly magazine written and reviewed by members of our Association, along with the Association of Mountaineering Instructor (AMI), the British Association of International Mountain Leaders (BAIML) and the British Mountain Guides (BMG).

There are articles on destinations for hiking, climbing or ski-touring, technical skills, our planet, wellbeing, business support, and guidance as well as book reviews.

For the insurance 

Qualified members in the UK and Ireland can access a specially negotiated professional indemnity insurance offer. There are four levels of cover depending on which qualifications you hold or are using for work.