Mountain Training is the network of awarding organisations for skills courses and qualifications in walking, climbing and mountaineering that operates across the UK and Republic of Ireland. We set the standards for leadership, instructing and coaching qualifications, and skills training courses.

On a day to day basis, Mountain Training is run by a small staff team based in North Wales, Aviemore, Manchester and Dublin. Our volunteer trustees help to steer Mountain Training at a strategic level and our councils of members include representatives from across the outdoor and educational sector. These volunteers and partner organisations are crucial to everything we do.

Our network of Mountain Training organisations

Our shared vision

A diverse and active outdoor society, supported by inspirational leaders, instructors and coaches.

Our shared mission

To inspire, enable and develop people in walking, climbing and mountaineering through the provision of nationally and internationally recognised skills training and leadership qualifications.

Our shared ethos

We believe in:

  • The safe enjoyment of walking, climbing and mountaineering. We disseminate guidance on good practice and provide training and qualifications for participants, instructors, leaders and coaches.
  • High quality training and assessment delivered by experienced and supportive practitioners.
  • Developing independent walkers, climbers and mountaineers who practice and encourage, sustainable and sympathetic use of the outdoors by all users.
  • Supporting equal access to our sport for people from all backgrounds. We also believe that all people have the potential to develop leadership and coaching skills if trained appropriately.
  • Good leadership is about more than decision making and technical skill; it is about supporting and developing individuals.
  • Inspiring people to enjoy walking, climbing and mountaineering with confidence and skill.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Statement

We believe that an equitable, diverse and inclusive adventure activity sector is better for everyone.

We want as wide a range of people as possible to benefit from our skills courses in a safe, accessible and supportive environment. This may involve supporting closed courses that provide a safe space for people with certain characteristics or offering financial support to reduce at least one of the common barriers to attendance.

We recognise that the diversity of our qualification holders does not reflect the diversity of those taking part in walking and climbing activities and we want to encourage and support those who are currently underrepresented to pursue and achieve our qualifications.
We want our courses to be safe learning environments for all. We work with our providers to raise their awareness of bias and help them to deliver courses free from discrimination and prejudice.

The demographics of our small staff team and our management boards do not reflect the full diversity of the overall population of the UK and Ireland. We advertise our opportunities widely and welcome applications from all. We are also committed to identifying our blind spots and addressing any unconscious bias that may affect decision making.

We will continue to educate ourselves, learn from our mistakes and accept criticism and advice from people with different lived experiences.

The above statements relate to the protected characteristics of age, ability, gender, disability, race, parental or marital status, religion or belief or sexual orientation, though this list is not exhaustive.