Leadership Schemes Quality Manual

Last updated 2024

Quality Assurance

Mountain Training administers skills training and qualification schemes for leaders, instructors and coaches working with climbing, hill walking and mountaineering groups. Mountain Training and their award scheme providers educate, offer advice and promote good practice.

Mountain Training manages the quality assurance of their national schemes through individual Mountain Training national training organisations. This manual outlines how Mountain Training England works collaboratively with it's providers, directors and course staff to achieve this.

Providers must adhere to the obligations outlined in the Provider Agreement. The agreement is digitally signed by the provider owner. Our 'requirements' are highlighted throughout the 'Provider and course staff area' and should be considered mandatory.

1. Provider Responsibilities
2. Course Administration (providers)
3. Director Responsibilities
4. Course Administration (directors)
5. Course Staff Requirements
6. Maintaining Approval
7. Professional Conduct
8. Observers and Mock Students
9. Course Delivery
10. Equipment
11. Base Facilities
12. Venues
13. Adverse Weather Conditions
14. Candidate Management System and Digital Logbook
15. Moderation Visits
16. Equality
17. Incidents and Near Misses
18. Annual Audit
19. Mountain Training England dispute resolution process
20. Support for providers, directors, staff and candidates