Indoor Climbing Assistant Info

The Indoor Climbing Assistant qualification is for those with competence in the basic skills of climbing who wish to assist qualified climbing instructors and coaches in the management of their sessions. Indoor Climbing Assistants are assessed as being competent in their role supporting qualified instructors and coaches but are not qualified to manage groups independently.

Course director

All courses must be delivered by an approved course director. For course director responsibilities please see the Leadership Schemes Quality Manual.

Scope of the scheme

While operating under the direct supervision of a qualified instructor, an Indoor Climbing Assistant can:

  • Assist with the fitting of basic equipment such as harnesses, helmets and rock shoes.
  • Assist a qualified instructor with the supervision of core climbing techniques.
  • Assist a qualified instructor at indoor and outdoor bouldering venues and climbing walls.

An Indoor Climbing Assistant can assist a qualified instructor at:

  • Indoor and outdoor artificial bouldering venues
  • Indoor and outdoor climbing walls

The scheme does not cover:

  • The skills and decision making required for an Indoor Climbing Assistant to manage individuals or groups of climbers independently


Candidate registration requirements

  • You must be 16 years old

Training and continuous assessment 

Candidate requirements

  • Experience in the basic skills of belaying, harness fitting and tying on; and
  • 5 indoor and/or 5 outdoor climbing sessions logged in DLOG, with a variety of groups. There is no personal climbing requirement for these sessions; you can have just belayed, but it is useful to have experience of climbing e.g. bottom roping or top roping
  • There is no first aid requirement


Minimum course duration

  • 6 hours.
  • Delivered in a 1 day programme.


Group size

  • 2 candidates minimum (temporary change)
  • 12 candidates maximum


Staffing ratio

  • 1 staff : 6 candidates.

Additional course staff requirements

Rock Climbing Instructor/Climbing Wall Instructor or higher.

Please see Course Staff Requirements in the Leadership Schemes Quality Manual for further guidance.