Marketing and Logo Use Guidelines

Mountain Training wishes to support providers marketing and subsequently running quality assured skills and award scheme courses. It is very important participants, candidates and the general public continue to associate the Mountain Training brand with high quality skills and mountain training. Providers, course directors and tutors all have a role in this acting as ambassadors for Mountain Training. Mountain Training’s role is to support providers marketing courses ensuring clarity and consistency in their collective approach.

The following information aims to support providers, course directors and tutors in marketing their courses and offers guidance towards the standardised use of the Mountain Training logos.

Marketing enquiries/suggestions can be sent to:

Nicola Jasieniecka-Evans

Media and IT Development Officer

Telephone: 01690 720128


Mountain Training Providers

Mountain Training and course providers have joint responsibility to market the Mountain Training skills and leadership awards. Marketing, although managed by the individual national training organisation, is coordinated by our Media and IT Development Officer - Nicola Jasieniecka.

The Mountain Training logo is used by Mountain Training for national brand identity.

Mountain Training

This logo can be used by Mountain Training providers highlighing relevant courses as being accredited by a Mountain Training national training organisation. In communicating with candidates and participants providers may, and are encouraged to, use the Mountain Training logo in all marketing subject to the Branding Guidelines below. Directors, tutors, linked staff, candidates and participants may not display this logo.

In marketing courses providers must be explicit in outlining the context of the course in the Mountain Training Skills Scheme and Qualification Pathway.


The infographics are available for providers to use.


The logo may only be used to promote Mountain Training courses rather than suggesting wider endorsement by Mountain Training of the individual or company. The logo must be clearly distinguished from the main business branding.

Providers must only market or advertise Mountain Training courses for skills and leadership awards they have been approved to provide. If providers offer CPD or further training aimed toward developing skills to prepare for Mountain Training skills award schemes they are not approved to deliver, courses must not be marketed as being approved by Mountain Training.

If website pages or social media updates display multiple courses and they are not all Mountain Training approved, special care should be taken to ensure potential candidates and participants do not receive the impression that Mountain Training are endorsing all courses outlined.

In communicating with potential candidates and participants, consideration should also be given to outlining the:


  • Registration process candidates and participants should follow.
  • Necessary prerequisites to attend the course.
  • Aim and content of the course.
  • The provider's and director’s role in coordinating and running the course on behalf of the national training organisation.


Directors, tutors and linked staff


Mountain Training wishes to support all marketing strategies encouraging course participation. Directors, tutors and linked staff may market courses on behalf of providers if they:


  • Only market courses for providers they are ‘attached’ to (i.e. called ‘Staff’ in the provider account). Staff or tutors not linked to provider accounts must not market Mountain Training courses.
  • Quote the provider of the courses offered in all marketing communication (e.g. websites, social media).
  • Do not give the impression they are solely running/providing the Mountain Training course.
  • Ensure post-course social media status updates explicitly outline they were directing/working on the course on behalf of a specific provider (to be named in the update).


Third Parties


Mountain Training do not feel it is acceptable for third parties to advertise services as Mountain Training providers. Third parties (for example outdoor centres or climbing walls) who are hosting a Mountain Training course, must follow the Third Party Promotion guidelines.

Third parties who intend to use approved providers to run courses must be explicit in their advertising, outlining who is providing the course on their behalf. Third parties may display the logo strictly aligned to the promotion of the course. The logo must not be displayed in a way that indicates wider endorsement of the venue or organisation by Mountain Training, such as in a footer or side bar.


Social media


The use of social media to market awards and courses can be very effective. Mountain Training uses various platforms to do this:



If individuals need basic guidance on the use of social media to market Mountain Training they should contact Nicola Jasieniecka for further support.

Whilst Mountain Training wishes to leave content to the discretion of the individual to consider what is and what isn’t appropriate, Mountain Training reserves the right to remove posts/ask the individual to remove/modify posts if they see fit.

All posts should be @MtnTraining/tagged to Mountain Training for maximum exposure.

Branding guidelines

Consistent and accurate representation of Mountain Training will ensure that the brand of Mountain Training will become more widely recognised by the public and strengthen the overall awareness of both Mountain Training and the skills and leadership awards.

Text and titles


In written communication please ensure the following capitalisation:

Please use ‘scheme’ when referring to the whole process (i.e. award candidates register on the scheme, not register for the award). The award is gained upon passing an assessment, which is part of the scheme.

‘skills scheme’
Please use lower case.

Please use lower case.

‘course director’
Please use lower case (e.g. the course director arrived early to set up the room) and capitalise when introducing a particular person (e.g. Course Director Joe Bloggs).

Please use lower case.

Please use lower case


Capitalisation specifics


  • Hill & Mountain Skills (with ampersand)
  • Lowland Leader
  • Hill and Moorland Leader (no ampersand)
  • Mountain Leader
  • Winter Mountain Leader
  • International Mountain Leader
  • Climbing Wall Award
  • Climbing Wall Leading Award
  • Single Pitch Award
  • Foundation Coach
  • Development Coach
  • Performance Coach
  • Mountaineering Instructor Award
  • Mountaineering Instructor Certificate


Logo use


  • The logo must only be placed on publicity material that clearly identifies the approved provider.
  • The logo may only be used to promote Mountain Training courses rather than suggesting wider endorsement by Mountain Training of the individual or company.
  • The logo must be clearly distinguished from the main business branding.
  • If the logo is used online, then it should link to:

Logo golden rules


  • Do not alter the colours of the supplied logos in any way.
  • Do not stretch/squeeze the supplied logos in any way.
  • Always re-size the logos in proportion.
  • Do not make the logo too small. Mountain Training logos used should always be presented smaller than that of the business/organisation/individual. If possible avoid using the logo less than 20mm wide.
  • Do not make the logo too big. Well thought-out space around a small logo often has more impact than a huge logo!
  • Try to avoid using the logos on busy backgrounds, such as complicated textures or photographs.

Logo safe space


It is recommended that there is always clear space running around the whole logo. This is to help maintain the integrity of the logo and ensure visibility and legibility.


File choice


  • PNG - Portable Network Graphic’s lines are live therefore they are crisp unlike a jpeg which is made out of pixels and therefore png’s can be used without a border over coloured backgrounds or images. This format is preferable when using the Hill & Mountain Skills logo.
  • JPEG - Is not well suited for line drawings, due to their pixels and should be used for images.
  • PDF - Everyone can open an ADOBE pdf and therefore is a great transferable format. It is also compatible with all other ADOBE graphics programs.
  • EPS – This is a graphics file format. Unless you have graphics programmes you will not be able to open this. However printers, web or graphic designers prefer to work with this format.

Any queries about use of logos should be addressed to Mountain Training.