Course length: 2 days

Minimum age: 12

Previous experience required: Climbing and belaying. Either completion of a Rock Skills Introduction course OR have climbed 10 routes on walls or outdoor crags and have belayed on 10 occasions.

Course location: Single pitch (short) crags across the UK and Ireland

Course covers: Selecting the right protection, building anchors, ropework, belaying, holding falls, lowering, seconding a route and personal abseiling, as well as developing your movement skills, crag ethics and etiquette and managing risk

Ideal for: People with some experience of climbing (indoors or outdoors) who want to improve their movement skills on rock, develop their ropework skills and move towards becoming an independent rock climber

  • A copy of the BMC's New Rock Climbers booklet
  • A certificate of attendance
  • Lifetime use of Mountain Training's digital logbook (DLOG)

Connect with others and move with confidence

As you climb more outdoors it’s helpful to understand how to warm up and avoid injury as you develop your movement skills alongside others with a shared interest. Different rock types present different challenges as the hold shapes and friction changes so you’ll learn about the importance of trusting your feet and transferring your weight as you move up the crag.


Immerse yourself in the activity

Rock climbing is a totally absorbing activity and on a Rock Skills Intermediate course you’ll spend two days surrounded by other developing climbers, getting to grips with all aspects of the activity, from how trad protection works to new knots and rope systems. Our course providers (the people delivering the course) are full of knowledge and enthusiasm and they want to share their passion with you in the hope you’ll continue to develop and love rock climbing just as much as they do.


Learn essential skills

Decision making is the cornerstone of safe rock climbing as all the inherent risks can be managed. There’s a lot to think about and the skills learned on a Rock Skills Intermediate course provide a solid foundation on which you can rely as you take more responsibility for placing gear, building anchors and belaying a lead climber.