What is MTA?

The Mountain Training Association is the biggest community of trainee and qualified leaders, coaches and instructors in the UK and Ireland. We provide members with support and development opportunities, workshops and events to help those working towards their qualification and keep skills and knowledge current for those already qualified. Mountain Training's association was created in 2005 to build a network of candidates: enabling peer support and mentoring between climbing, walking and mountaineering professionals and volunteers.

Now well established with over 8,500 members it is Mountain Training's nationally recognised membership organisation for climbing, walking and mountaineering leaders, coaches and instructors in the UK and Ireland.
Whether you're planning to attend a training course, have your assessment coming up, already work/volunteer in the outdoor industry, or just want to stay informed, in touch and up to date, the Mountain Training Association is for you, encouraging you through your qualification journey and for the rest of your climbing, walking and/or mountaineering life. Membership of the association is recommended, and you need to be registered on a Mountain Training qualification scheme to be able to join.
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To build a community of confident and expert coaches, instructors and leaders.


For ALL Mountain Training candidates to join the association because it stands for excellence, community, currency and professionalism, and is recognised as such by the wider public.

Key aims

  • Increase the number and range of regional and national workshops, events and activities.
  • Increase the number of regional volunteers and mentors.
  • Enhance the quality assurance of continuing personal development opportunities.
  • Create and implement development packages and enhanced support for volunteers.
  • Develop a fully comprehensive and easily accessible library of online resources.
  • Regional 'mountains': utilise local terrain and opportunities to develop and practice skills.
  • Ensure a fully representative membership in line with the demographic make up of Mountain Training candidates.
  • Targeted and direct support for leaders of under-represented groups.
“An amazing network of like-oriented people”- Branwen Mcbride, MTA member
“The workshops I’ve done have been brilliant, and have definitely made me a better leader” – Alex Kendall, MTA member

What’s in it for you?

When you join, you can access member only workshops, events and activities with accredited CPD nationally and in your local region to brush up and widen your skills and knowledge for coaching, instructing and/or leading, the mentoring programme, deals and discounts on kit and equipment, and much more, including insurance deals and use of the MTA logo (for Qualified members).

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The association also provides a link between you and Mountain Training through and beyond your qualification/s and for the rest of your time walking, climbing or mountaineering so you can stay up to date with the latest developments regarding qualifications and the sector.

Find the encouragement and support to succeed...

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Who can join MTA?

The Mountain Training Association provides continued support and development opportunities for Mountain Training candidates who have registered for an award scheme. Members are either working towards a Mountain Training award or already hold qualifications and are actively working in the outdoors, so when you join you can be at any stage in your qualification journey; just registered, completed a training course or using your award/s for outdoor work.

Members come from a wide variety of backgrounds; some work full time in the outdoors as freelance professionals or run their own business, others work in full time education, outdoor centres or climbing walls as managers or staff. Many are involved in DofE and volunteer with schools, Girl Guides and Scouts and some seek the qualifications for personal use and to build a sense of competence. Members are either working towards a Mountain Training qualification (Trainee members) or already hold a qualification or qualifications and are actively participating in the sector (Qualified members).

Qualified members of the Mountain Training Association hold one or more of Mountain Trainings' nationally recognised qualifications having completed training, worked through consolidating their knowledge, skills and experience in preparation for and then passing assessment.
Our members are passionate about the activities they provide and are committed to continued personal development (CPD) demonstrating the benefits of ongoing experience and enhanced skills, so not only are they qualified to do what they do, they are also supported in staying up to date with good practice.

If you can answer YES to any of the following questions, then you are eligible to join the Mountain Training Association and begin enjoying the many benefits that come with membership.

Have you:
  • Registered for a Mountain Training qualification?
  • Completed a training course for one of the Mountain Training qualification schemes?
  • Passed an assessment and hold a Mountain Training qualification?
  • Used your Mountain Training qualification for work or volunteering?
  • Completed one qualification and are keen to undertake a new one?
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If you have registered for any of the following qualifications you are eligible to become a member of the association:

Updated qualifications list

Many specialist qualification holders also choose to join the Mountain Training Association in addition to being members of the Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI), British Association of International Mountain Leaders (BAIML) and/or British Association of Mountain Guides (BMG).
We hope candidates who register for the Hill & Mountain skills scheme will in the future choose to undergo a qualification scheme, at which point they can join the Mountain Training Association.

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How much does it cost?

Membership is only £39 per year (that's only £3.25 a month!) and to save you the hassle of logging into your Mountain Training account and paying your membership manually each year you now have the option to renew your membership by direct debit.
To join the Mountain Training Association, simply log in to your Mountain Training account and purchase from the Membership tab. Alternatively, click below to go straight there...

Please note: We request all payments to be made online through a candidate's Mountain Training account. It is possible to pay by card over the phone if you are unable to use the online option. Unfortunately, we can not accept payments by cheque.

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What happens once I've joined?

As soon as you have paid for your MTA membership online you will have instant access to the Members Area containing useful resources, digital copies of past magazine editions and gear deal information. You will also be able to record your Continuing Personal/Professional Development (CPD) in your online Mountain Training account and can make your Candidate Management System (CMS) profile public for people searching for a leader, instructor or coach, if you wish.
Depending upon the stage you at with your Mountain Training qualifications, you will either join as a Trainee member (you have registered or completed a training course) or a Qualified member (you have already completed at least one Mountain Training qualification.) Your membership type/status will appear in your online account and on your membership card.
You will receive your MTA membership card in the post shortly after joining. Please double check your postal address in your online Mountain Training account and ensure that it is up to date.

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How can I pay?
Please note: We encourage all payments to be made online through a candidate's Mountain Training account. It is also possible to pay by card over the phone if this is not feasible. We do not accept payments by cheque.

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