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This area of the website is for providers, directors, tutors and course staff linked to any scheme provider, administered by Mountain Training England. Here you will find the Quality Manuals and scheme specific information to help you with understanding the requirements and processes involved within course provision.

Mountain Training England Support

Guy Jarvis

Executive Officer,

Mountain Training England


Mark Walker

Development Officer,

Mountain Training England


Kath Thomas

Technical Support Administrator,

Mountain Training England


Lou Beetlestone

Technical Support (part-time),

Mountain Training England


Mountain Training England's Mission

Mountain Training England aims to inspire, enable and develop people in walking, climbing and mountaineering through the provision of nationally and internationally recognised skills training and leadership qualifications.


Strategic Plan 2021-25

Mountain Training England's Strategic Development Plan 2021-25 outlines our vision, mission and values:

Mountain Training

Mountain Training is the collective term used to describe all of the national training organisations of the UK and Ireland.

Each national training organisation is responsible for managing skills and award schemes along with the course providers assigned to them. Generally the procedures for providers and course directors are equal between each of the national training organisations, however slight differences may be required to accommodate regional differences and organisational structures.