Course length: 2 days

Minimum age: 14

Previous experience required: Have experience of belaying on at least 20 occasions and have seconded at least 20 rock climbs at VDiff or above OR have led at least 20 sport climbs (indoors or outdoors)


Course location: Single pitch (short) crags across the UK and Ireland


Course covers: Choosing venues and routes, moving well when leading, how to carry, select and place trad gear, clipping when leading, building anchors, belaying a second and managing risk


Ideal for: Climbers who are ready to learn to lead trad routes, experienced climbers who want to refresh their skills and people planning to pursue the Rock Climbing Instructor qualification.

  • A copy of the BMC's New Rock Climbers booklet
  • A certificate of attendance
  • Lifetime use of Mountain Training's digital logbook (DLOG)

Connect with others and move with confidence

Fluid, confident movement makes lead climbing a more enjoyable experience and you will continue to improve your movement skills alongside other developing climbers on the course.


Immerse yourself in the activity

It takes time and patience to become an independent trad climber which is why two days of focused practise is an ideal way to learn. All of our approved course providers (the people who deliver the courses) want to give you the best possible start to a lifetime of trad climbing by creating a supportive learning environment.


Learn essential skills

Placing nuts and cams, equalising anchors, understanding forces, managing rope systems, protecting the second, lead belaying – there’s a lot to learn about trad climbing and every Rock Skills course will focus on the skills most appropriate to the participants. The aim is to provide you with lots of opportunities to practise and get feedback so you can leave the course in a strong position to lead simple trad routes.

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