Lowland Leader FAQs

1/ What are the required minimum experience levels for the Lowland Leader award scheme?

Below are the bare minimum figures in terms of experience. Candidates who pass first time usually have experience in excess of the bare minimum.

Lowland Leader Training – 10 varied walks in lowland terrain where the use of a map is required, Or attendance on a Mountain Training personal skills course (Hill Skills / Mountain Skills).

Lowland Leader Assessment – 20 walks in lowland countryside in different types of terrain (woodland, coastal, farmland etc)

2/ I have some experience from before I registered - does that count?

Yes, all your experience counts towards the required minimum. If you cannot remember the exact date then the month and the year will do. Your logbook is a reference for your trainers and assessors, so what is NOT helpful is an entry such as, 'Done 100s of days over the last 40 years all over the UK.' This says something about your level of experience but there isn't enough detail. See the DLOG for the amount of detail you need to enter (really rather minimal).

3/ What about my overseas experience, does that count?

Some non–UK/Ireland experience may be included, but should be in terrain and conditions that are similar to those in the UK/Ireland and must be unguided. Normally any overseas days would be considered as additional experience and should not form a substantial part of the required total.

4/ I've already done Hill and Moorland Leader training, am I exempt from Lowland Leader training?

Yes. Candidates registering for the Lowland Leader award who have already undertaken training in the Hill and Moorland Leader Award (formerly the Walking Group Leader award) or Mountain Leader award can progress direct to assessment in the Lowland Leader award if they can demonstrate that their walking experience includes walks relevant to the scope of this scheme.

5/ Can I do the Expedition Skills Module?

The Expedition Skills Module was an additional module linked to Lowland Leader registration and is no longer available. If you had a registration for the Expedition Skills Module you are now registered onto the Camping Leader. Details of the Camping Leader scheme can be found here Camping Leader

6/ Do I need to record all of my experience on DLOG (Digital Logbook)?

It's up to you. The DLOG is a simple way of recording your days out and it's easy for our Providers to see whether you have the required experience. You can also share it with other people for a set amount of time and you don't have to worry about the dog eating it or spilling coffee all over it.

If you choose not to use DLOG, you will need to present your experience in a way that provides the same information to a trainer or assessor, whether that's digital or in hard copy.

7/ What are the first aid requirements for Lowland Leader assessment?

Prior to the assessment course you must attend and complete a first aid course of a minimum duration of sixteen hours. First aid courses designed to cater for those working outdoors away from immediate assistance are highly recommended. First aid FAQs.

8/ What is a 'Quality Lowland Day'?

A ‘Quality Lowland Day’ for the Lowland Leader should take place in lowland terrain in the UK or Ireland.

The quality element lies in such things as the conditions experienced both overhead and underfoot, the exploration of new areas, the terrain covered, the skills deployed and the physical and mental challenge. The experience of a quality day should contribute to knowledge, personal development and associated skill acquisition.

All the following criteria should be fulfilled:
  • The individual takes part in the planning and leadership.
  • An unfamiliar locality is explored.
  • Navigation skills are required.
  • Knowledge is increased and relevant skills practised.
  • Judgement and decision making is required.
  • Four hours or more journey time.
These criteria mean that days as a course member under instruction, a member of a group practising skills, or days spent repeating familiar routes are very unlikely to meet the requirements of a quality day.

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