Winter Skills - Official Handbook

Winter Skills

The Official Handbook of the Mountaineering Instructor Certificate and Winter Mountain Leader Schemes.

'Winter Skills' is a reference manual for mountaineers and those who wish to instruct, coach and lead others. Written by a mountain guide and a mountaineering instructor, its functional design with easy-reference colour-coded pages and full colour images that complement the text and accurate relief and line maps make it an indispensable guide to the skills required for winter walking and climbing.

Packed with essential information and techniques for climbers and walkers, this book is Mountain Leader Training UK's official handbook for the Mountaineering Instructor (MI) and Winter Mountain Leader (WML) Schemes. The book is split into six sections including: Winter Environment, Basic Winter Skills, Snow and Avalanche, Security on Steep Ground, Winter Climbing and Winter Incidents. In each section, the text is aimed at everyone involved in walking and climbing in winter with specific advice (in text boxes throughout the book) for instructors and leaders.

The authors makes reference to the range of hills and cliffs of the UK and Ireland and the text and illustrations acknowledge the diverse range of people who enjoy winter mountaineering. This technical textbook is for those interested in all aspects of winter mountaineering and has high quality designs with clear line illustrations and colour photos to further the understanding of the textual information.

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Amazon Reviews

James Murphy

An excellent handbook for the winter ML student and a first class guide to refresh experienced winter mountaineers. Clear concise and readable it is packed with lots of good reading. Loads of colour diagrams and pictures, plenty of explanation, it is easy and straightforward to follow. If after reading this you do not know your sastrugi from a rutchsblock then you should'nt be on the hills in winter. Required reading for ML students, every walker who ventures out in the Scottish winter should own a copy.

John Lumbard

This book is essential reading for ALL winter mountaineers. Very clear, very practical and whilst learning winter skills usually comes through practice..this book is one of those rare text books that actually teaches the skills and will serve as a good refresher at the start of each winter climbing season.

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