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The official handbook of Mountain Training's climbing schemes.

Written by one of the best known rock climbing instructors in the UK this is the definitive and comprehensive ‘how to rock climb’ textbook, now in its revised and updated second edition (thirty thousand first editions sold). It covers un-roped bouldering and movement skills as well as every aspect of single and multi-pitch rock climbing, abseiling, problem solving, the climbing environment, the history and development of the sport and much more.

'Rock Climbing' is a reference tool for every climber, from novice to expert, as well as containing specific ideas for anyone wanting to help coach and instruct others. It is the official handbook for the UK qualification system that includes the Mountaineering Instructor, Climbing Wall, Single Pitch and Climbing Wall Leader Awards and is endorsed by the BMC, Mountaineering Scotland and Mountaineering Ireland.

Revised throughout there are additional chapters on Sport Climbing, Sea Level Traversing, Ropes Courses and Via Ferrata, Adaptive Climbing Techniques, Injury Avoidance, Improving Technique, Risk Management and the Law and Working with Young People. It has a functional design with easy-reference colour-coded pages, striking illustrations that complement the text and inspiring photos that give a genuine flavour of the breadth of climbing possibilities across Britain and Ireland. It is the second of a series of manuals from Mountain Leader Training UK that includes the highly successful ‘Hill Walking’ and ‘Winter Skills’.

Libby Peter is a well known contributor to climbing magazines and is an International Mountain Guide and Mountaineering Instructor. She has visited many of the major climbing areas across the world, sampling all aspects of climbing from bouldering to high altitude mountaineering and everything in between. She currently combines climbing with freelance guiding and instructing from her base in North Wales, is also the Secretary of the British Mountain Guides Association and the co-author with Neil Gresham of ‘Get out on Rock’ an instructional DVD to rock climbing.

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Amazon Reviews (4.5 stars)

Dr. Matthew Wood

I don't write reviews often but felt compelled to do so with this. It's an excellent book, well written and with beautifully designed diagrams which demonstrate the concepts extremely well. I'm an experienced climber with 20 years under my belt and this has still taught me some new things and reinforced others. It doesn't patronise, nor does it take the elitist approach. Just sensible and very readable. I've been reading it cover to cover and enjoyed doing so. Whether you are new to the sport, training as an instructor, or just looking to bolster your knowledge, this is probably the best climbing book available

Matt Rees

Libby Peters has produced an excellent book to cover everything from the basics to advanced techniques. The illustrations are clear and linked to the appropriate text, the photographs are good quality and cover a variety of areas throughout the UK. The book makes me want to go and climb which surely is the best endorsement.

T. Pearson

This is probably the best 'how to' guide for rock climbing and instructing that I have seen. The diagrams are very clear and easy to understand. Libby Peter is very good at communicating her experience at the right level.

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