Rock Climbing - 3rd Edition

Rock Climbing 3rd Edition


The official handbook of Mountain Training's climbing schemes.

The third edition of Rock Climbing by Libby Peter has been thoroughly updated to reflect developments in climbing since the second edition. With 55,000 copies sold of the first and second editions, this book remains the 'go to' source for new and developing climbers who want to learn how to climb, both indoors, on rock and in the mountains. It is also designed to support climbing and mountaineering instructors pursuing Mountain Training qualifications.

What's new for the third edition?

All chapters have been reviewed and updated, with new illustrations and new photos throughout the book. The history of climbing chapter has been updated to include more recent achievements and incorporate the history of more women climbers. The indoor climbing content has been expanded and several chapters have been rewritten and reordered to support the common climbing route of starting indoors, followed by outdoor bouldering, sport climbing and trad climbing. Two chapters have been removed (on adaptive climbing techniques and via ferrata/high ropes) to make space for the updated content. Adaptive climbing techniques are covered through alternative publications, while via ferrata and high ropes courses are both quite specialised activities and advice can be found through the European Ropes Course Association or British Mountain Guides (for via ferrata).

Developments in climbing kit and equipment are also reflected in the new edition, including advice on completing various tasks using a belay device in 'guide mode'.

Third edition chapter list:

  • The climbing environment
  • A brief history of UK and Irish climbing
  • Warming up and avoiding injuries
  • Movement skills
  • Improving your climbing
  • Technical essentials
  • Indoor climbing
  • Bouldering outside
  • Top-rope climbing and abseiling
  • Sport climbing
  • Trad climbing
  • Single pitch problem solving
  • Inspiring others
  • Ropework (for multi-pitch climbing)
  • Descending from multi-pitch crags
  • Multi-pitch problem solving
  • Scrambling
  • Combined rock and water activities
  • Incidents, accidents and getting help
  • The law and risk management

This book is a reference tool for every climber, from novice to expert, as well as containing specific ideas for anyone wanting to help coach and instruct others. It is the official handbook for the UK and Ireland qualification system that includes all of Mountain Training’s qualifications as well as their Rock Skills courses. It is endorsed by the BMC, Mountaineering Scotland and Mountaineering Ireland.

Libby Peter is a well known and well respected International Mountain Guide and Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor. She has visited many of the major climbing areas across the world, sampling all aspects of climbing from bouldering to high altitude mountaineering and everything in between. She currently combines climbing with freelance guiding and instructing from her base in North Wales alongside providing technical support to Mountain Training UK and Ireland.


Amazon Reviews (4.8 stars) for the first and second editions

Ryan SJ

A fantastic book. I bought this on recommendation from my instructor when doing some training for moving from indoor climbing to doing my first outdoor climbs. It's helped me out time and time again as it covers so many different scenarios and enabled me to do a lot of preparation for training which in the end saves a lot of money! I still use it now as a reference or if I'm trying something new I'm not sure of.

Dr. Matthew Wood

I don't write reviews often but felt compelled to do so with this. It's an excellent book, well written and with beautifully designed diagrams which demonstrate the concepts extremely well. I'm an experienced climber with 20 years under my belt and this has still taught me some new things and reinforced others. It doesn't patronise, nor does it take the elitist approach. Just sensible and very readable. I've been reading it cover to cover and enjoyed doing so. Whether you are new to the sport, training as an instructor, or just looking to bolster your knowledge, this is probably the best climbing book available

Matt Rees

Libby Peter has produced an excellent book to cover everything from the basics to advanced techniques. The illustrations are clear and linked to the appropriate text, the photographs are good quality and cover a variety of areas throughout the UK. The book makes me want to go and climb which surely is the best endorsement.

T. Pearson

This is probably the best 'how to' guide for rock climbing and instructing that I have seen. The diagrams are very clear and easy to understand. Libby Peter is very good at communicating her experience at the right level.

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