How to connect to your Mountain Training account

Have you attended a Hill Skills, Mountain Skills or Rock Skills course? If so, you might want to connect with your digital account on Mountain Training’s Candidate Management System (CMS).

Mountain Training’s CMS has a digital logbook (known as DLOG, pronounced ‘D Log’) where you can record your walking and climbing activities. CMS can also be used to register for a leadership or coaching qualification, should you wish to pursue one.

If you have attended a Hill Skills, Mountain Skills or Rock Skills course, your course provider will have added some of your personal details to Mountain Training’s CMS as part of their responsibilities as an approved provider.

To start using DLOG or to register for a qualification you will need to connect with the candidate record that has been created on your behalf.

To connect with your account:

  • Find your candidate number.
    This will be on your skills course certificate. If you can’t find your skills certificate, you can contact the provider or Mountain Training; email or phone 01690 720272.

    How to find your candidate number

  • Visit the Candidate Management System website to sign up for an account:
    The system software is managed by a company called Tahdah Verified Limited.

  • Where it asks, ‘Do you already have a Mountain Training Candidate ID?’ click ‘Yes’.

  • Fill in your name, date of birth, email address and (importantly) your candidate number. Your name must be entered exactly as it's been entered into the system, so if you already have one, please check how it’s spelt on your skills certificate.

  • Once you're into your account, you can add further details including address and emergency contact details, as these may not have been added already.

  • You can now start using the Digital Logbook to record your adventures and register for a qualification. Welcome to Mountain Training!

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