Personal Skills

Independence is about being comfortable in your environment and having the skills required to look after yourself. It allows you to have fun adventures and feel good about yourself in some beautiful surroundings.

We believe in supporting people to be independent hill walkers and rock climbers so we have created the Hill & Mountain Skills and Rock Skills courses.

Hill & Mountain Skills

Hill Skills in the Peak District

Walking in the hills is a great way to explore the outdoors, boost your confidence and get some exercise. We know that for people new to hill walking it can be an exciting and slightly daunting prospect which is why we've developed two courses designed to equip you with some basic knowledge and safety skills so that you can participate in more hill and mountain walking in your own time.

Hill Skills

Mountain Skills

Rock Skills

Top roping cGraham Little

Rock climbing is an addictive, enjoyable activity that has many benefits, both physical and psychological. Our Rock Skills courses are designed to provide structured training opportunities for people who want to learn more and become independent climbers. There are four courses so that complete beginners and those with more experience can choose the most appropriate starting point.



Learn to Lead Sport Climbs

Learn to Lead Trad Climbs

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