Specially-negotiated rates for liability insurance

Insurance for full members in the UK
Full MTA members in the UK can access and purchase a competitive and specially-negotiated insurance package through Lockton; our appointed insurance Broker, the world’s largest privately owned Insurance Broker.

This specially negotiated scheme, Ascend Insurance offers full members of the association a bespoke policy to provide different levels of cover based on their Mountain Training qualification(s) and turnover. Members benefit from a low-cost insurance premium because of their good safety record.

Ascend Insurance is exclusively available to full members of the Association in the UK via an online portal.

You can find out more by visiting the insurance page in the Members' Area.

The KEY benefits of the scheme are:

  • Annual Premiums from as little as £120.00 plus 10% Insurance Premium Tax
  • Cover for Public Liability is provided on a claims occurring basis, which is deemed the best method of cover for the nature of your activities. Professional Indemnity Insurance is also included
  • Cover is provided for all activities within the remit of the Mountain Training qualification(s) held and selected under your tailored policy
  • Cover is included as standard for low level team building, bushcraft (excluding foraging), film and media work within the scope of the Mountain Training qualification(s) held.
  • A 2.5% premium return to the Association by Lockton on all policy sales
  • Options to include Additional Activities and Personal Accident cover at the click of a button

More detail

Here is a summary of the scheme features (this is also available within the online members portal, amongst other documents):

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Insurance for full members in the Republic of IrelandDate: 24th September 2020

With the impending exit from the EU, Lockton’s has been working behind the scenes on the Ascend programme to try and ensure they remain able to continue to offer Republic of Ireland members an insurance solution for their mountaineering activities. They have ensured for the majority of 2020 this has been the case.

However unfortunately with effect from the 1st October 2020 they are no longer able to place any insurance for Republic of Ireland domiciled business. Due to the changes in regulations following the UK’s exit it is not possible for them to continue offering the insurance product.

Any policy placed before the 1st October will have cover up to the date of their renewal. When your policy comes up for renewal it will need to be placed via another carrier.

MTA have a new negotiated insurance package for our members residing in the Republic of Ireland only with effect from the 1st October 2020. Please contact association@mountain-training.org for further details.

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