Winter Skills

Winter Skills Third Edition

Who’s it for? Summer hill walkers and scramblers who want to enjoy the mountains all year round, rock climbers who want to transition to winter climbing, Winter Mountain Leaders and Winter Mountaineering and Climbing instructors.

What’s it about? Moving over snow and ice, equipment, winter weather, planning, snow and avalanches, ice and mixed climbing

Relevant qualifications: Winter Mountain Leader, Winter Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor

About the book

Winter Skills is packed with essential information and techniques for beginner, intermediate and advanced winter walkers and climbers. Whether you are new to the hills or an experienced winter walker or winter climber, Winter Skills includes the latest guidance on good practice to help you enjoy your time in the mountains.

The book is split into six sections:

  1. The winter environment
  2. Basic winter skills (including winter navigation)
  3. Snow and avalanche
  4. Security on steep ground
  5. Winter climbing
  6. Winter incidents


Winter Skills is a great resource for people planning to walk or climb in the mountains in the winter thanks to its easy-reference colour-coded pages, striking illustrations and stunning photography.

Winter Skills is the official handbook for Mountain Training's winter leadership qualifications and is an easy to digest reference tool for everyone venturing onto snow and ice in the UK and Ireland. People pursuing the Winter Mountain Leader or Winter Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor qualifications will find the sections on leading others particularly useful.


Third edition chapter list:

  1. Mountaineering equipment
  2. Environmental issues
  3. Winter weather
  4. Winter navigation
  5. Ice axe
  6. Moving on snow
  7. Self-arrest
  8. Crampons
  9. Snow structure
  10. Avalanches
  11. Providing security in winter
  12. Basic winter anchors & belays
  13. Climbing equipment
  14. Climbing techniques
  15. Winter anchors and belays
  16. Winter climbing strategies
  17. Winter ridges: rope techniques
  18. Teaching winter climbing
  19. Winter shelters
  20. Water hazards
  21. Cold injuries


Third edition updates

The third edition published in 2020 includes the latest guidance on good practice, in particular the section on snow and avalanche, as well as some modernising of climbing techniques to align with current methods and equipment.


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