Navigation in the Mountains

Nav In The Mtns

Who’s it for? Anyone who wants to improve their navigation skills in the hills – summer or winter.

What’s it about? Understanding what’s marked on the map, using a compass, planning a route, staying on route in the hills, what to do if you lose track of your location, how navigation differs in winter and overseas.

Relevant skills courses: Mountain Skills

Relevant qualifications: Hill and Moorland Leader, Mountain Leader, Winter Mountain Leader, Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor

About the book

Navigation in the Mountains is the definitive and comprehensive navigation textbook. It covers every aspect of mountain navigation: summer, winter and overseas, using traditional map and compass as well as digital devices and digital mapping.

Navigation in the Mountains is a reference tool for every walker and mountaineer, from novice to expert. It also contains specific ideas for anyone wanting to help teach and instruct others. It is the official navigation handbook for Mountain Training’s mountain-based qualifications and it is endorsed by the BMC, Mountaineering Scotland and Mountaineering Ireland.


About the author

Carlo Forte is a Winter Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor based in North Wales who has course directed and staffed over 500 Mountain Training courses. Carlo wrote Navigation in the Mountains whilst he was working as chief instructor at Plas y Brenin and he has overseen several reprints since the first book was published in 2012.


Chapter list:

  1. The fundamentals
  2. Navigation techniques
  3. Winter navigation
  4. Overseas navigation
  5. Global positional system
  6. Digital mapping
  7. Teaching navigation


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