International Mountain Trekking

International Trekking 2

Who’s it for? Hikers, hill walkers and trekkers who want to explore the uplands outside the UK and Ireland as well as people working towards our International Mountain Leader qualification.

What’s it about? All aspects of international trekking and related travel, including expedition planning, staying healthy overseas, dealing with hazards and navigation.

Relevant qualifications: International Mountain Leader

About the book

International Mountain Trekking is packed with essential information and techniques for hiking outside the UK and Ireland. Whether you are new to the hills or an experienced walker, International Mountain Trekking is a reference book for your next adventure..

The book contains 11 chapters:

  1. Introduction
  2. Planning your trip
  3. Environmental issues
  4. Staying healthy
  5. Trekking at altitude
  6. Navigation
  7. Trekking hazards
  8. Weather
  9. Snow - a seasonal approach
  10. Snowshoeing
  11. Dealing with problems while travelling


International Mountain Trekking is also a great resource for young people taking part in adventurous school trips overseas or those taking a gap year. It contains easy-reference colour-coded pages, striking illustrations and stunning photography.

Winter Skills is the official handbook for Mountain Training's winter leadership qualifications and is an easy to digest reference tool for everyone venturing onto snow and ice in the UK and Ireland. People pursuing the Winter Mountain Leader or Winter Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor qualifications will find the sections on leading others particularly useful.


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