Hill Walking

Hill Walking 2

Who’s it for? Hill walkers and mountain goers both new and experienced, voluntary and professional walk leaders.

What’s it about? Planning, navigation, access, weather, food, camping, looking after yourself and others on steep ground, what to do in an emergency.

Relevant skills courses: Hill Skills, Mountain Skills

Relevant qualifications: Camping Leader, Lowland Leader, Hill and Moorland Leader, Mountain Leader.

About the book

Hill Walking is the go-to reference book for anyone who walks in the hills and everyone who’s responsible for leading other people. A huge part of hiking’s broad appeal is that there are no rules or requirements for joining in, which makes it more accessible than many other sports or activities. There is a level of knowledge and certain skills that are essential for journeys beyond the local country park, which is where Hill Walking can help.

Whether you’re starting to explore the hills for the first time or you want to brush up on your skills, this book is all about helping to make your experience of the hills as enjoyable as possible. It provides top tips on a huge range of topics including what to wear, how to navigate, camping in the hills and what to do in an emergency.

People who’ve attended a Hill Skills or Mountain Skills course will find Hill Walking a useful reminder of skills practised during their course and developing leaders will return to it time and again as they progress through our qualifications and continue to learn beyond assessment.

Its functional design with easy reference colour-coded pages, striking illustrations that complement the text and accurate mapping make this book an indispensable guide to the skills required for summer hill walking.


About the authors

Steve Long is an IFMGA Mountain Guide, Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor and technical officer for Mountain Training UK & Ireland. He has been the editor of The Professional Mountaineer magazine and leads the UIAA’s Mountain Qualification Label. Steve and a wider team at Plas y Brenin wrote and compiled the original contents of this book whilst Steve was working as a senior instructor at Plas y Brenin and he has overseen its revision for the second and third editions.

Third edition chapter list:

  1. Movement and route finding
  2. Navigation tools
  3. Navigation techniques
  4. Clothing and equipment
  5. Living in the mountains
  6. Where can we go?
  7. Protecting it for the future
  8. Understanding the environment
  9. The weather
  10. Planning to look after people
  11. Hazards & risk management
  12. Specific hazards
  13. Dealing with incidents
  14. Dealing with injuries


Third edition updates

Updated access information, additional navigation details (based on Navigation in the Mountains), more guidance on inclusive hill walking.


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