Writing an excellent article for The Professional Mountaineer magazine

Writing an excellent magazine article requires a blend of creativity, research, and engaging storytelling. Whether you’re aiming to write a feature article, a profile, or an opinion piece, here are some tips to help you create compelling content:


  1. Understand the Magazine Genre and Audience: Before you start writing, familiarize yourself with the magazine’s style, tone, and target audience and tailor your approach accordingly.
  2. Choose a Unique Angle: Find a fresh perspective on your topic. What unique angle can you bring to the subject matter? Consider what will captivate readers and set your article apart.
  3. Develop a Clear Structure: A well-structured article typically includes: 
    1. Catchy Headline: Grab readers’ attention with an intriguing title.
    2. Engaging Introduction: Set the tone and introduce the topic.
    3. Body Paragraphs: Organize your content logically, providing supporting evidence and examples.
    4. Clear and Concise Writing Style: Avoid jargon and unnecessary complexity.
    5. Compelling Conclusion: Summarize your main points and leave readers with something to ponder.
  4. Research Thoroughly: Gather information from reliable sources. Interviews, data, and expert opinions enhance the credibility of your article.
  5. Craft a Unique Voice: Develop a writing style that resonates with the magazine’s audience. Whether it’s conversational, authoritative, or witty, maintain consistency throughout.


Remember, magazine writing is an art form that combines storytelling, research, and reader engagement. 


Happy writing!