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Mentoring Programme 2023


Join our 2023 mentoring programme

We are delighted to be offering another opportunity for our members to have mentoring support from a volunteer MTA Mentor!

Would you like a mentor?

MTA's Mentoring programme is designed to offer members additional one to one support after attending a training course, to help with the journey to assessment.

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It is available to you if you have

  • Completed a training course for one of Mountain Training's qualifications
  • Feel that additional support would help you on your journey to assessment

The process for gaining a place on the programme is

  • Complete an application form
  • Complete a self-led online training module provided through Teachable
  • Attend a tutor-led meet your mentor online event to shape a written agreement with your mentor outlining your intended working partnership and commitment to each other.
  • Be committed to at least 6 interactions with your mentor using a medium that suits you both
  • Complete an MTA feedback and evaluation questionnaire at 6 months and 12 months.

The mentoring relationship can end following the 12 month feedback, or continue if both parties are willing

The mentoring itself is provided by experienced qualified members of MTA who have done your journey and are enthusiastic to support you in yours. They can offer wisdom, guidance, sign posting, accountability, advice and much more. Your mentor will have undergone MTA's mentor training and will be equipped with resources to help you set and accomplish your goals.

How to apply

We are now inviting prospective mentees to apply for a place on this year's programme via the application form available below.

Applications must be submitted to mentoring@mountain-training.org by Friday 14th Apr.

We will aim to match you with a suitable mentor early May, and will send you a link to the training you need to complete prior to the meet your mentor evening on Tue 23rd Maywhen the programme gets underway.

The tutor supported meet your mentor online evening session on Tue 23rd May from 18:30 to 20:30, is where you will meet your mentor and start discussing your goals and aspirations to start your journey together. Please make every attempt to be available for this event.

Browse our library of mentoring resources which you might find helpful.

We will always do our best to match you, however, cannot guarantee that all applicants will be matched with a mentor as it depends on availability and compatability of qualifications.

Become a Mentor

If you are a full member and interested in becoming one of MTA's volunteer mentors, there is no application process just ensure you meet the criteria (outlined below) and then book onto the mentor training in March or April, details of which can be found here.


To become an MTA mentor you need to

  • Hold at least one Mountain Training qualification
  • Be interested in volunteering to support another member through their journey to assessment
  • Book onto mentor training in March or April

    The commitment to the programme includes


  • Completing the MTA mentor training which consists of a self-led Teachable online training (approx. 1.5hrs) and a tutor led online training session (2hrs)
  • Attend a tutor led, meet your mentee online event, to shape a written agreement with your mentee outlining your intended working partnership and commitment to each other

More details about becoming a mentor along with available training dates can be found in the members area on the mentoring pages

There are also a host of resources, that can help you in the role