What is CMS?

The candidate management system (CMS), powered by tahdah, is a highly sophisticated database which allows Mountain Training's participants, candidates, tutors and providers to keep an accurate record of an individual's training history. This includes everything from registering for a qualification or attending a skills course to passing an assessment.

The data held within CMS also allows Mountain Training to draw out accurate statistical data to help with developments and reporting to government about participation and diversity. All Mountain Training course providers use the system to record training and assessment courses and all participants and candidates use the system to register for schemes.

The mountaineering associations are all part of the candidate management system and use the system to record CPD records and events. These include:

  • Mountain Training Association
  • Association of Mountaineering Instructors
  • British Association of International Mountain Leaders
  • British Association of Mountain Guides

If you'd like help creating a CMS profile, try watching the following video:



What is tahdah?

The candidate management system is powered by tahdah, a software company, which hosts the database and develops it for our use. The software has been created specifically for awarding organisations, training providers, candidates and participants to manage their training, qualifications and membership, among other things.

As tahdah grows, the number of national governing bodies using their software will increase, so if you hold other qualifications you may be able to manage more of your training and assessment records through a single portal – your tahdah account. For example, if the British Knitting Federation started using tahdah’s software to manage their candidates and you are a Chief Knitter, your tahdah account would show all of your Mountain Training qualifications and your British Knitting Federation qualification within one account.*

You will always have a Mountain Training account which will be separate (but linked) to your tahdah account and Mountain Training and the associations will continue to develop the system for you. You will also benefit from developments that tahdah make to the system for the benefit of all its users.

*This example is fictitious and used to illustrate the possibilities without raising anyone’s hopes about specific NGBs.