What are "personal reflective comments"?

Mountain Training currently requires assessment candidates to have reflective comments recorded in DLOG for the Foundation Coach, Development Coach, Rock Climbing Instructor, Climbing Wall Instructor and Climbing Wall Development Instructor qualifications. Reflecting on experience is an important part of an instructor’s development. Although feedback from others can be very useful it is important we can also independently consider our experiences in relation to the desired outcome.

The key aim of undertaking this reflection (and adding comments to DLOG) is to identify and reflect on areas of practice from the relevant Mountain Training syllabus in order to develop fluency. Being able to effectively analyse experience can be challenging but a few critically analysed sessions are of great value in identifying potential improvements for the future. When making these comments you should ask yourself the following questions and outline your responses:


  • What are the desired aims and objectives of the session?
  • What were the actual outcomes of the session?
  • What was successful and less successful (reference the relevant Mountain Training syllabus) in your delivery of the session?
  • What would you change to improve the outcome?


Your responses can then be added into DLOG in the comments section of the relevant DLOG entry.