How do I import my UKC logbook?

You can keep a record of your climbing on using their sophisticated logbook system. This has the advantage of using the significantly larger database of routes on UKClimbing which saves you having to add every entry, plus all the other features it offers like partners, graphs, training diary and general crag information.

When you’re ready for training or assessment, or registering for a higher qualification, you can export your logbook from UKClimbing and import it to DLOG. There is no need to duplicate your logging efforts! The import system will create individual records for all entries it is able to match to routes on our database. This includes: Trad Climbing, Sport Climbing, Winter Climbing and Alpine Climbing records. (Walking, scrambling or bouldering entries will not import and will need to be input manually.)


How does it work?

  • Log in to your account and navigate to your logbook. Export/download your logbook.
  • Save your UKC logbook as a .csv file type.
  • Log in to your CMS account and navigate to the Add tab in DLOG. Scroll down and you will see the UKC Upload box.
  • Click on the Browse button and find the .csv version of your logbook from your computer/device.
  • Click Upload. Please note: there was an early issue with the system uploading all routes as multi pitch routes - this has now been fixed. (8/2/16)


The system will tell you how many entries it has found and will begin validating the file and then uploading it. You can navigate away from this page at any time and it will not affect the upload.

The system will then send you an email when the upload is complete, notifying you of how many records were imported successfully and giving you a link to download a spreadsheet of any incompatible records.


Incompatible records

There are a few common reasons why some logbook records are incompatible:

Crag does not exist - in this case you have two options:

  • If the crag is generally quite popular, try searching in DLOG for variations in case it does exist, but under a slightly different name. If you find it, rename the crag in your spreadsheet and then re-upload the file. It will only import records that failed to import last time so don't worry, you won't end up with loads of duplicates.
  • If you are unable to find the crag in DLOG, search for the region/area (eg. West Highlands or Ben Nevis), click to create an entry in that area and then scroll down and click the + symbol next to crag name (if you definitely can't find the crag in the drop down). Type the name of the crag into the box that appears and click Add. Once you have done this you can either re-upload your logbook and add the remaining entries or do so manually by clicking on Add another like this towards the top right of the page.


No crag in activity...
This is often caused by the system thinking the record belongs in one activity when it should appear in another, rather than a missing crag. If it thinks your entry is for Indoor Climbing when it's actually a bouldering route, please log it manually. Likewise if your route was a scrambling route, please log it manually.

No matching grade
These records may be summits, dry tooling routes or use a foreign grading system eg. n5 (Norwegian). If possible, please add these records manually using the most appropriate activity.