How do I get qualified?

All of our qualifications follow a similar journey.

For all of our entry level qualifications, here are the first five steps:



  1. Read all the info on the qualification webpage
  2. Create an account on our system
  3. Register for the qualification and pay the required fee... this may require mountaineering council membership
  4. Use our digital logbook (DLOG) to record the required experience
  5. Book onto your training course


After completing a training course, the journey for each person will vary depending on the skills and experience you already have. Consider the feedback you got from the course director and use the relevant skills checklist to plan your route to assessment.


  1. Update your DLOG with additional experience.
  2. Consider joining our association to find a mentor to support you.
  3. Re-read the syllabus (found in the candidate handbook).
  4. Contact a course provider to book an assessment.