I would like to be a leadership scheme provider, I do not have an approved course director

This page supports provider application from those who do not have an approved course director for the specific leadership scheme.

Who can apply?

Access to underrepresented groups

Mountain Training England is presently developing its delivery model with the specific aim to broaden the participation in, and delivery of, it’s schemes.

Mountain Training England's 2021-2025 Strategic Development Plan outlines our vision and mission. Within this three key goals are stated;
  • Engage ethnic minorities creating real inclusion
  • Encourage female participation and leadership
  • Support disability access through our schemes
Applications are open for all of our qualification schemes (with the exception of Rock Climbing Development Instructor) to those who meet our minimum requirements and are able to reliably access these under-represented groups when delivering courses. Applicants must be able to evidence access to under-represented groups on application.

Other applications

Our delivery model is evolving. We are presently interested in potential Rock Climbing Instructor, Hill and Moorland Leader and Mountain Leader provider applicants who have access to a reliable, untapped market. Applications are open for the above schemes to those who meet our minimum requirements and are able to reliably access candidates when delivering courses. Applicants must be able to evidence access on application.

There are two parts to the application. Both must be completed.

‘Application submission’

Mountain Training England accepts new leadership schemes provider and course director applications once a year. Applications must be formally submitted by 12 noon, 12th Jan 2024. We welcome informal, verbal communication prior to application but will not comment in writing without formal submission.

To apply applicants must complete the application form and pay the fee (£50). Multiple schemes can be applied for, at an additional cost of £25 per approval. The individual named on the provider application becomes the ‘Administrator’(key contact).

In all cases a nominated course director is required for each scheme approval. Multiple course directors can be applied for, at an additional cost of £50 per individual.

Please understand Mountain Training England is under no obligation to accept new applications and the submission fee is non-refundable.

Application criteria

Provider applicants must be able to evidence the following;

1. Sustainable business

Applicants must demonstrate they have a solid, sustainable business plan to reliably run a significant number of well attended courses into the future for the specific scheme. Applicants who wish to deliver a very limited number of courses with minimal numbers would not be seen as beneficial to the future delivery plan and are unlikely to be accepted. As a guideline we would expect providers to run a minimum of two well attended courses each year, for each scheme they are approved to provide.

2. Target markets

Applicants must demonstrate they have access to a specific catchment of candidates. Evidence should be supplied on application, in particular; any links to relevant organisations, marketing material or details of existing client groups.

For those concerned; Applicants must be able to evidence access to under-represented groups on application and demonstrate this in the probationary period.

3. Course base and facilities

Applicants must evidence they have access to suitable briefing and teaching areas, conducive to the training and assessment of candidates. These teaching areas must be close to appropriate venues to minimise travel.

4. Safeguarding

All successful applicants must read our Safeguarding Policy and comply with the requirements described. Successful applicants will be contacted to submit a declaration and appropriate evidence as noted below. Please prepare the following ready for submission;
  • Your safeguarding policy or policies
  • Name & contact of your Designated Safeguarding Lead

Course director applications

Where providers do not have approved course directors, they must apply for them at the same time. Provider applications will not be accepted unless the course director application is accepted also.

Course director applicants must be able to evidence they have the Skills, Knowledge, Attitude, Training and Experience criteria outlined in the application form. Although it is the provider applicant’s responsibility to submit the evidence as part of the application it will likely be in consultation with the individual concerned.

If the course director application is successful individuals will be welcomed onto a training pathway which must be completed in 12 months; ‘Course director training scheme’. This has a number of mandatory steps and incurs cost to participate. It is not essential applicants have course observation or staffing experience on entry. It is expected this is gained during training and the probationary year. The course director training pathway is explained below.

‘Application vetted by Screening Committee’


The role of the Screening Committee is to impartially consider applications for provider and course staff approval and subsequently make recommendations to the Mountain Training England Board.

Consideration is given to the full application submitted, aligned to criteria outlined.

In the case of course director applications the aim is to ensure individuals have the Skills, Knowledge, Attitude, Training and Experience, with further scheme specific input, to undertake the role.

Screening process

In collaboration with the Development Officer the Technical Support Administrator supports initial screening by validating evidence submitted. The applications are then passed to the committee members for comment.

Screening Committee members are initially requested to state any potential conflicts of interest with each application received. Where a potential conflict may influence impartiality, the Development Officer outlines the extent to which the individual may participate in screening. This will relate to the issue concerned.

Although screening is primarily based on evidence submitted by applicants of adherence to outlined application criteria, the Screening Committee has the discretion to recommend rejecting applications if there are other less quantifiable causes for concern. The Screening Committee also has the discretion to recommend accepting applications on merit if they can see other significant evidence of competence, for example.

The aim is to reach consensus, where this is not possible the majority view is taken. The majority view is then reported to the Board.


In the case of successful applications, probationary terms to acceptance are suggested. This will include recommending the course director applicant is accepted onto the training pathway.

Where the Screening Committee recommends rejecting an application, their reasoning is outlined.

The Development Officer communicates the outcome to the Mountain Training England Board.

‘Mountain Training England Board approval’

The Board considers the recommendations made by the Screening Committee and formally accepts or rejects applications submitted.If accepted, at this point, course director applicant/s concerned become a ‘Course director trainee’.

Applicants can expect to hear the outcome by early March 2024. Probationary conditions are outlined at this time.

Provider induction and course director training

Provider induction

As part of probationary terms successful provider ‘Administrator’s must attend the following;
  • ‘Online introduction to Mountain Training scheme delivery’ This is a dedicated event delivered at 7pm, 19th March 2024, 1-2hrs in duration. The event is free to attend and bookable through CMS - https://mt.tahdah.me/event/detail/759204
  • Provider Administrators must also view admin related content here before delivering courses.
Probationary provider status can be given on CMS once the events above have been attended. Courses cannot be delivered until course director status has been given.

Course director training

The 'Course director training scheme' involves a series of online modules, practical sessions and course observations/staffing opportunities which must be completed to gain probationary course director approval. It is strongly advised that the steps are completed sequentially to maximise learning opportunity. All elements are presented as modules irrespective of whether they need to be completed practically or a submission is required. All modules must be completed unless we state otherwise.

The ‘Online Introduction to Mountain Training scheme delivery’, noted above, gives an opportunity to receive further explanation of the structure and ask questions.


1 ‘Our People’ – How to remain ‘people centred’ when delivering training and assessment. Delivered online.
2 ‘Mountain Training’ – Our Vision, Mission, Ethos and scheme pathways. Delivered online.
3 ‘Delivering effective training and fair assessment’ – Delivering quality and nationally consistent training and assessment. Delivered as the first day of a two day event based at Plas y Brenin (see below). A written submission is required after attendance.
4 ‘Specific scheme delivery’ – Structuring and delivering courses for specific schemes.
  • 4a – Practical elements - Delivered as the second day of a two day event based at Plas y Brenin (see below).
  • 4b – Shared competencies to include ‘Weather’, ‘Access’ and ‘Environment/Conservation’. Key competencies are covered, applicable to the individual schemes. Delivered online.
5, ‘Provider and course director administration’ – Robust and effective course reporting. Delivered online. A written submission is required after completion.

Plas y Brenin training event

This is a two day event based at Plas y Brenin; 21st-22nd March 2024. The event aims to address all essential, practical training and assessment course delivery elements and costs £80 to attend. This covers lunch on the first day only, it does not include accommodation. The event must be booked on CMS in advance. It is expected modules 1 and 2 are completed prior to attendance.

Course observation

Whilst completing the modules outlined above Course director trainees are required to observe or staff, one full training course and one full assessment course for each scheme they seek approval to deliver. Each course must be with a different provider and not include the one they are attached too. This must be recorded on the course report form submitted. Please be aware the providers concerned will be contacted for feedback after attendance. If individuals already have this experience this is not required.

Assessment of learning tasks and formal submissions

Online continuous assessment of learning tasks are completed within modules 1, 2 and 4. The following modules demand formal submission outlined in detail within;

3 ‘Delivering effective training and fair assessment’ – On completion of the Plas y Brenin training event, trainees will be expected to submit both a training and assessment course program for the specific scheme/s.
5 ‘Provider and course director administration’ – On completion of the online module trainees will be expected to submit 2 defer reports written from course staff notes provided. If individuals already have course director approval for another scheme this is not required.

Both submissions must be made at the same time, at any point in the training period once the individual elements and course observations have been completed. On completion these can be sent directly to mark@mountain-training.org for consideration by the Mountain Training England technical staff. Submission incurs a £30 fee.

Length of the training period

There is no fixed length of the training period. Individuals with significant depth and breadth may complete the tasks within 6 months, others may take longer.

Outcome of the training period

The Mountain Training England technical staff review each trainee’s progress and submissions, and the Development Officer communicates the outcome to those concerned;
  • If accepted the individual is granted ‘Probationary course director’ status on CMS and may immediately deliver courses for the linked provider.
  • If not accepted the Development Officer outlines the reasoning to those concerned and any reengagement terms permissible. Please be aware it is not possible to appeal this decision.

‘Applicant is granted probationary approval’

Provisional approval is given to start running courses following the above provider and course director steps being satisfied. The probationary period is an opportunity to review performance and ensure new approvals are used actively and appropriately.

During this period probationary course directors will be required to direct one course (min) and staff or observe two further courses; one training and one assessment. Where the individual already has 4 courses of experience (two training and two assessment courses) for the specific scheme, with a provider other than the one they seek approval through, this is not required.

Moderation visit

Mountain Training England aims to moderate new providers as soon as possible. Providers may be contacted at any time to arrange a moderation visit.

Applicant is granted approval

Probationary approval is reviewed after 12 months to ensure conditions have been satisfied. If we are satisfied with the conduct, performance and delivery, probationary applicants will be given full approval. Please understand Mountain Training England is under no obligation to give full approval if there is any cause for concern.


Approval costs;
  • Application submission - £50. £25 per additional scheme/course director approval.
  • ‘Course director training course' attendance - £80
  • ‘Course director online assessment’ - £30 per submission.
Ongoing costs to retain approval;
  • Annual provider fee - £125 per year (includes 1 free course director)
  • Additional approved course directors attached to the provider account - £20 per additional director per year.
  • Course directors must attend a practical update once every 3 years (currently £30).

Further guidance

The Mountain Training website outlines our work and gives specific detail on the schemes.

Applicants are welcome to view the Provider and course staff area. This will help individuals understand the requirements and processes involved within course provision. Prior to submission it is worth consulting the 'Mountain Training England Strategic Plan' within and viewing Learn Lead Inspire and Our Ethos to get a feel of who we are and what we do.

For informal, verbal guidance regarding applications please contact Mountain Training - 01690 720214.

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