I would like to be a leadership scheme provider, I do not have an approved course director

DRAFT 2025 - Please do not submit applications


This page supports provider application from those who do not have an approved course director for the specific leadership scheme.


Who can apply?

Mountain Training England is presently reviewing its course provision relative to our strategic aims and capacity to maintain quality assurance. As a result 2025 applications will be significantly restricted for new and existing providers wishing to extend scheme approvals.


Bouldering Wall Instructor;


Mountain Training are launching this new scheme in 2025 and as such Mountain Training England are seeking providers to deliver our courses. Those concerned must evidence access to a reliable market to sustainably deliver high quality courses into the future on application. Given the infancy and specialist nature of the scheme it is likely <20 providers will be accepted in 2025.


Other leadership and instructor schemes;


Mountain Training England is presently interested in Hill and Moorland Leader provider applicants who have access to a reliable, untapped market and can meet our minimum requirements. Applicants must be able to evidence access on application.


It is expected all applicants will have taken into account Mountain Training England's 2021-2025 Strategic Development Plan which outlines our vision and mission. Within this three key goals are stated;


  • Engage ethnic minorities creating real inclusion
  • Encourage female participation and leadership
  • Support disability access through our schemes


If you wish to discuss an exceptional application to provide other schemes, contact mark@mountain-training.org Only in truly exceptional circumstances will an application be accepted.


There are two parts to the application. Both must be completed.

MTE Qualification Provider Application Infographic V2
‘Application submission’
Application criteria
‘Application vetted by Screening Committee’
‘Mountain Training England Board approval’
Provider induction and course director training
‘Applicant is granted probationary approval’
Applicant is granted approval
Further guidance