Become a course provider

Each national Mountain Training organisation approves providers and course directors based on a set of criteria and minimum level of qualification. The application criteria vary across the organisations, the minimum level of qualification for course directors does not.

Becoming a provider is like taking on a franchise to deliver Mountain Training courses on behalf of a national Mountain Training organisation.


Who can be a provider?

Providers can be, for example, individual sole traders, charities, schools, local authorities or commercial organisations.

When reviewing applications for new providers, each national Mountain Training organisation is interested in:

You and your business – who are you, are you running a successful business/start-up?

Your access to market – where will your customers come from and who are they? Providers with access to underserved communities are always of interest.

Where you plan to deliver your courses – each national Mountain Training organisation considers the volume of course providers in each area, alongside other factors, to ensure an appropriate level of supply and demand.

Course director requirements and suitability – who is going to deliver your courses and how do they measure up to the criteria set by the national Mountain Training organisation?


How can I start delivering Mountain Training courses?

You need to apply to one of the national Mountain Training organisations and be granted probationary approval. If you are successful, there will be requirements set for your probationary period, typically a number of courses you agree to deliver.

Please note: the national Mountain Training organisations are not always recruiting new providers and are under no obligation to accept new applications.


Which national Mountain Training organisation should I apply to?

This normally depends on where you/your organisation is based and/or where you plan to deliver the majority of your courses. If you are in any doubt, please contact one of the executive officers to discuss your options.


What are the application criteria?

Please review the requirements of the national organisation you are applying to:

Mountain Training Board Ireland

Mountain Training Cymru - not currently recruiting new providers

Mountain Training England - provider application information

Mountain Training Scotland - provider application information

Mountain Training UK & Ireland - not currently recruiting new providers