Bursaries for our qualifications

Gaining qualifications can be a costly process, especially if you are trying to pay for it all yourself without any help from an employer.

There are many ‘pots’ of funding available in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, most of which (but not all) are directed towards volunteers or those working in deprived areas. There are some useful links below and it’s always worth doing some research to find out what’s available.

James Brownhill Memorial Fund

What: the fund aims to encourage and foster a higher level of safety, good practice and sustainability within university climbing clubs
Who's eligible: university club members
How much: £75-£250 depending on the course
More info: https://www.pyb.co.uk/funding-support/

Individual Learning Account (ILA)

What: support from the Scottish Government to help you learn something new
Who’s eligible: people who ordinarily live in Scotland, don’t earn more than £22,000, don’t have a degree and aren’t currently in education
How much: up to £200
More info: http://www.glenmorelodge.org.uk/about-us/sources-of-funding/

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Volunteer Fund

What: support for volunteer DofE leaders
Who’s eligible: volunteers in Scotland (there may be similar schemes in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, contact your local DofE rep for details)
How much: between 10%-50% of training or assessment
More info: http://www.dofe.org/go/sfunding2/

Other useful links:

Funding from Sport England https://www.sportengland.org/funding/

Funding from Sport Northern Ireland http://www.sportni.net/Funding

Funding from Sport Scotland http://www.sportscotland.org.uk/funding/funding/

Funding from Sport Wales http://sport.wales/funding--support.aspx