Welcome to Mountain Training England

ML Ropework.1Mountain Training England has delivered leadership qualifications in mountaineering and climbing for candidates and centres from England since 1964.

It is run by a Board with members from a wide range of interested bodies.

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Behind our current name is a considerable history. In 1964 the Mountain Leader Training Board, or MLTB, was formed by the British Mountaineering Council and the Central Council for Physical Recreation. The intention was to establish standards of training and assessment in the competence to lead others in the mountains: the Mountain Leadership Certificate (the MLC), as it was known, was born.

Over the following years the Mountain Leader Training Board took on a leading role in the delivery of the Single Pitch Award (SPA) and helped to develop the Walking Group Leader Award (WGL). In January 2003 the Board changed its name to Mountain Leader Training England (MLTE) to reflect its client base.

Since then the Board has also helped to launch the Climbing Wall Award and the Climbing Wall Leading Award (CWA and CWLA). The main purposes of the Board are to register and advise candidates for the awards it delivers; approve and manage suitably qualified and experienced Providers for its courses and to ensure the quality of delivery of training and assessment courses.

In 2012 the Board became Mountain Training England (MTE) as it changed its name and logo in conjunction with all of the UK Mountain Training Boards; with whom it continues to work to ensure harmonisation of delivery across the UK.

The Awards administered by Mountain Training England are:Mountain Leader Award, Hill and Moorland Leader Award (formerly Walking Group Leader), Lowland Leader Award, Single Pitch Award, Climbing Wall Award and Climbing Wall Leading Award.