Mountaincraft and Leadership

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Long recognised as an authoritative text by the Mountain Training Boards of the United Kingdom,’Mountaincraft and Leadership’ is an invaluable source of information for everyone, whether novice walker or experienced mountain leader, who wishes to venture into and enjoy the British hills in all seasons.

A wide range of techniques and skills, essential information and useful advice is included in chapters that range from the underpinning skills of navigation and campcraft through weather interpretation and party leadership to snow and ice technique and emergency procedures. The text is illustrated throughout with clear step-by-step diagrams, charts and tables.

The fourth edition has been fully revised by an expert writing team and includes up to date information on first aid and hypothermia as well as substantially rewritten chapters on avalanches and river crossings. Access information has been updated to include recent changes to legislation and land management.

‘Mountaincraft and Leadership’ is both an ideal introduction to the skills required for summer and winter mountaineering and an invaluable reference work.

This edition is a tribute to the original inspiration given by Eric Langmuir to so many.

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