Judah - Rock Skills Introduction

Jonah abseiling

What skills course did you attend?

Judah (age 13 at the time of the course): I attended a one day Mountain Training Rock Skills Introduction course with Christian at Climb LBG in Guernsey. I then progressed to complete a Rock Skills Intermediate course.

Why did you want Judah to attend a Mountain Training Skills course?

Rosy (Judah's mum): Judah has always loved climbing and been committed to attending any groups he could access. This felt like the natural next step for him, and offered him more challenge and scope to develop as a climber.

What skills did you improve?

Judah: The staff taught me everything I wanted to know about climbing outdoors; seconding, trad climbing safely, general trad climbing skills and even some stuff about leading.

Jonah seconding

How did the staff support Judah on the course?

Rosy: As a parent it felt like very quickly they understood Judah, his personality as well as his skills and the things he found more difficult. I could see how well they communicated with Judah, and that he really listened and understood, and valued the time spent with them. It felt like they were able to tailor the course to meet his needs, but also the needs of the other children and young people there.

What was the best part of the course?

Judah: The best part of the Intermediate course was seconding - we managed to climb loads of routes on the sea cliffs.

What’s the next adventure you’re planning?

Judah: The next adventure for me would be the Mountain Training Learn to Lead Trad course.

Jonah seconding 2

Do you feel more confident about Judah’s ability to safely climb outdoors following the course?

Rosy: Absolutely! When we are out and about Judah shows us the places they climbed and can describe in detail all the things they did to ensure it was safe and this thinking and these skills have remained with him. He will climb anything and everything, and is much safer now!

Would you recommend Mountain Training Skills courses to other participants or parents/carers?

Rosy: I genuinely would. I feel so grateful Judah had this opportunity, and that the staff/trainers took so much time and energy to increase his knowledge, confidence and skills. Judah can now see the progression ahead of him in his climbing and already has plans of what he can access when he goes to University (in 4 years time!). Thank you so much to the team for all you do and have done for Judah it has made such a difference!

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