Mountain Training Cymru Bursary Scheme (Wales only)

Bursaries are awarded to candidates in Wales who face barriers to participating on a Mountain Training skills scheme or leadership award training or assessment course, and whose participation helps Mountain Training Cymru demonstrate its commitment to increasing participation from within underrepresented communities, such as those from ethnically diverse backgrounds.

Each year, Mountain Training Cymru (MTC) offers a limited number of bursaries to support candidates wishing to undertake a skills scheme training or assessment course, including reassessments, in a Mountain Training qualification scheme.

Who can apply? The bursary is open to individual candidates, living in Wales, whose participation helps MTC demonstrate its commitment to increasing participation from within underrepresented communities, such as those from ethnically diverse backgrounds.

What can the bursary be used for? To part fund the cost of one MTC skills scheme or qualification award training or assessment course, including re-assessments. It cannot be used to pay for scheme registration.

Where can I complete the course? MTC’s bursary is only available to fund courses taking place in Wales with an MTC approved provider.

How much money can I apply for? Up to 50% of the course cost may be awarded, to a maximum of £200. Please be aware that as the money remaining in the bursary decreases over the financial year, the percentage of funding available to applicants may decrease accordingly.

How do I apply? By completion and submission of the bursary application form.

Is there a deadline? Submission of an application form may take place at any time. However, successful applicants must claim the money within six months of notification that their application has been successful.

How will I know if I have been successful? Applicants can expect to hear in writing, normally within 4 weeks of submitting the application form.

Digital logbook experience: It is essential that an applicant’s digital logbook (DLOG) satisfies the minimum requirements of the scheme applied for. For example, a candidate seeking funding for Mountain Leader training, must have at least 20 quality mountain days recorded in DLOG, or in a suitable format which can be emailed to the Executive Officer of MTC for verification. All applicants DLOG’s will be checked during the approval process.

How is the bursary awarded? Successful applicants must pay upfront for their course place, in full. Upon completion of the course, the applicant must claim the money agreed, by contacting MTC’s Executive Officer, Payment will take place once confirmation of full attendance and completion of the course is evident on Mountain Training’s Candidate Management System, CMS.

Can I apply more than once? Yes, but not within the same financial year, 1st April – 31st March. If you have previously received our bursary, priority may need to be given to other applicants, due to the limited amount of bursaries available each year.

Can I apply for more than one scheme? Not on the same application form, however, you are welcome to submit another application the following year.

Retrospective applications: Retrospective funding requests will be considered as long as the application is received within four weeks of the final day of the course. Applications made after this time will not be considered.

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