Membership Tools

Please note - we are currently experiencing technical issues with the Find a Leader service. We are working hard to fix this as soon as possible - thanks for your patience and unerstanding.

Access to the Membership Tools area of the system has moved to sit underneath the MTA membership tile on the Memberships & Clubs tab:

Memberships and Clubs

On this new Membership Tools page you will find:
  • A left hand menu with links to:
    • the MTA Members' Area
    • your Public profile - where you can edit your profile blurb and turn on/off your listing status on Find a Leader
    • the Contact Us page so you can get in touch
    • the Website Widgets (previously called Website Plug Ins) so you can add your badge control to your website
    • the Direct Debit page which gives you information about your direct debit and payment status
    • the MTA Facebook group
    • your Payment History page
    • your Privacy Settings so you can control which elements show on your public profile
  • Your membership details and the option to renew 60 days prior to your expiry date (if your date is further into the future the 'Renew Now' button will not show.

Membership Tools

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