Mentoring FAQs

We’d like to share some questions that have been asked about the MTA mentoring programme...

Do I have to have more than one Mountain Training qualification to apply to be a mentor?

No, the minimum requirement is that our mentors hold one of our qualifications. We’d like our mentors to have the experience of assessment fresh in their minds and be willing to help others work towards their assessment.

Can I apply to be a mentee if I haven’t done the training?

No. The main aim of the programme is to support members to work towards their assessment. Therefore attendance of a training course is the minimum requirement.

Do I have to be a member of the Mountain Training Association to apply?

Yes, we want all our mentors and mentees to be members. We have developed the mentoring programme as a direct benefit to members. Membership costs only £36 and will be the only cost to our participants.

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I can’t make either of the mentor training dates or the Meet Your Mentor evenings. Should I apply anyway?

This years dates are fixed and we can’t reschedule. Part of the process of applying is to commit to that date. If you can’t apply this year we are hoping that there will be more opportunities next year.

How much will it cost?

There will be no payment between MTA-Mentors-Mentees. Costs will be limited to expenses undertaken by the Mentors/Mentees in order to attend training/meetings. These costs are borne at the participant’s expense.

How often will I have to meet with my Mentor?

It is expected that Mentors will meet with their Mentees approximately six times within the projected twelve month period. It is between the Mentor and Mentee should they wish to have more frequent meetings.

How frequently do we have to meet?

There is no set timetable, but it is advised that meetings occur regularly, so as to avoid trying to work and think in retrospect after long periods of time.

Do virtual meetings count?

At least two of the six meetings should be face-to-face, as this helps to embed the Mentoring relationship for both parties. After that it is between the Mentor/Mentee how they wish to stage their meetings.

Who else will know what we discuss in meetings?

Your feedback forms, detailing an overview of progress/obstacles will be seen by the MTA Mentoring Programme staff, but your individual sessions are only between Mentor/Mentee.

What if I don’t get on with my Mentor/Mentee?

It is your responsibility to inform the MTA Mentoring Programme staff if you have a problem with the existing relationship. They will be able to help you either overcome the problem, or re-select a different Mentor/Mentee.

What if the Mentee achieves their goals prior to the 12 month period elapsing?

Please inform the MTA Mentoring Programme staff if this occurs, and they will support you in ending the relationship, and possibly selecting a new Mentee for Mentors to work with for the remainder of the Programme duration.

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