MTA resources for providers & course directors

As the direct, face to face link to candidates on training and assessment courses, providers and course directors have a really important role to play and we'd love it if you could take some time during your courses to explain the role and benefits of MTA.
It could form part of an evening discussion, a morning brief or even a question in a home paper!

We’ve developed some resources to help explain the role of MTA…

MTA Infographic

This infographic is designed to clearly and visually illustrate the various stages at which candidates can join MTA (essentially at any point after registering for a qualification) and the key benefits that they can receive as a trainee and full member.
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MTA Infographic
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MTA recording for Course Directors

MTA powerpoint slides

You are welcome to use some/all of these powerpoint slides as part of your Mountain Training courses. This resource is designed to help you explain the aims and promote the benefits of the Mountain Training Association to your course candidates.

The full MTA presentation (as titled below) also includes a dialogue for each slide to supplement the summarised points on each page.
The summary slides below provides a very succinct snapshot of MTA and highlights some of the key benefits of membership.

If you have internet access during your course...

Feel free to quickly click around the MTA section of the Mountain Training website to show candidates what we can offer them. Here are some key links...

The MTA homepage

Whats is MTA?

Membership benefits

MTA leaflets

As of Spring 2019 we will be posting out batches of MTA leaflets to Providers, that you, as course directors can then can hand out to your course candidates, explaining the benefits of membership.
These leaflets are designed to make your lives easier as we know that you have alot to get through on your training and assessment courses. If your provider runs out of leaflets during the year, please get in touch and we'll send some more out.

How can we help you further?...

If you have any ideas as to how we can help you to inform candidates about MTA please do not hesitate to get in touch here.

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