Credit Joby Davis

Training with the West Mercia Search & Rescue Team

On a sunny Sunday morning (15th October) 10 MTA members joined the West Mercia Search and Rescue team on a training session in the Wyre Forest.

Having learned about different search techniques and the way in which humans record visual events, we headed off on an initial route and path search to find a missing 28 year old, white male (rather a broad description, but very typical). Reports of a potential sighting sent the teams off to focus on a particular area of bramble covered woodland where an intensive search was conducted. He was not found there. The search broadened out and the missing person was found unconscious in a hidden ditch.

The medical teams went into action. It was a two day REC course in an hour - watching the experts and how they manage and record the scene was a real insight and we all took different lessons from the experience. MTA members then assisted with the 1km stretcher carry back to base - it was far tougher than it looks on TV!

Credit Sue Manns-Hoffman
A huge thank you to the West Mercia SAR for letting us share in their training morning and for their patience and time explaining everything that they do, how and why they do it. They, like so many others who give up their time to help others, are an amazing group of volunteers.

Review by

Sue Manns-Hoffman

West Midland Regional Coordinator
Training with the West Mercia SAR team

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