Teaching Nav

Teaching Navigation: Dynamic, Engaging & Fun!

Friday 12th of May at The Black Mountain Lodge, Glasbury, South Wales with South Wales MTA regional coordinator, Will Kilner.

I knew the second Will arrived it was him. His “Adventures with Will” T-shirt said so! Even though it was early, he had a lot of energy and greeted those of us who had arrived with the news that coffee and tea was available. This was eventually much appreciated by the 7 participants who had signed up for the day.

Teaching navigation requires some theory but Will didn’t blind us with a powerpoint presentation. Instead, after introductions he led a fast paced series of sessions that required our full participation. We first considered all the skills necessary to navigate well. This was followed by some team based activities; to complete map jigsaws, describe the ground shape from map contours and identify more obscure map symbols. We were then tasked with getting to grips with cardinal points and walking between cones based on a map that we were not allow to orientate. This was called “the 9 tree wood”.

Teaching Nav- indoor session
After lunch we went out in the Welsh drizzle and sunshine. Will ran through some more exercises to get everyone involved at the same time in learning about pacing, timing, directions, hand railing, aiming off and taking a bearing.

This Mountain Training Association CPD workshop allowed participants to discover just how much can be achieved with thoughtful ideas and preparation. How I teach navigation will be so much more effective in future, and I cant wait to try out the techniques learnt.

Thanks to everyone who took part, especially to Will. I would recommend this training to anyone responsible for improving others skills at navigating.

Cormac Davey
MTA member
Tools for teaching nav

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