The Telegraph Outdoor Show - supported by the Association of Mountaineering Instructors and the Mountain Training Association

Outdoor Show Competition It all started with a casual look on Facebook, as you do, and I saw a post from JP Edgington from on the Mountain Training Association (MTA) Facebook group asking for willing volunteers to help out at the above event. “Great” I thought, “what could be so bad, it’s probably full anyway!” However, quite surprisingly, I received an email the next day informing me that I was indeed a welcome addition. So began a frantic organisation phase of sorting accommodation, transport (as my car was due to go in for its MOT) and requesting permission from my wife as it fell over Valentines Day. Once all sorted (and quite happy that my car passed its MOT virtually straight away), and more importantly got the all important permission from the wife, I was looking forward to representing the Association at this prestigious event. My only concern was “why aren’t more people sticking their names down for something like this?”


On Saturday morning I had arranged to meet JP at the show entrance and after a relatively straight forward trip down on Friday evening (for London standards anyway!) I felt refreshed and rearing to go, for something I was at this stage still unsure of what to expect. However on meeting JP, he put my mind at rest with his welcoming manner. I also met the other members of both the Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI) and the Mountain Training Association, whom I was representing. With great support from all the members who were present like Will Kilner, Nicola Jasieniecka, Steve Long, Gordon Almond, Jay Jackson just to name a few it was soon to feel like second nature and back to work as normal, although in a slightly strange and noisy place. What did make it interesting was teaching some participants the introduction to indoor climbing with the great Shauna Coxey & Leah Crane just over my shoulder, I’m sure they were picking up some tips!!!! We also ran the speed climbing competition that some took really serious. But with 12 months supply of beer at stake I suppose it was! When the end came into sight I only just realised that with all the fun and talking to many passer-bys and other instructors that I realised that I had virtually not had a drink all day. But wow, what a day! Teaching Belaying


On Sunday, I felt a bit like an old hand at this now and soon got back into everything. The only sad side was the amount of people that had booked and not turned up to these fantastic workshops although there were plenty of passer-bys willing to sign up for the workshops. We also had the speed climbing competition to run that had prizes from Wainwrights Ales on offer. I was a little aware this time about my fluid consumption and this time made a concerted effort to drink from my water bottle (with a little bit of help from the juice added for taste). With the Superbloc competition coming to an end and Shauna winning (I’m sure she used some of my tips!!!) it was a good end to the weekend. I had met some very professional instructors and was a privilege to work alongside them and pick up a few tips as well as regaining my enthusiasm for running indoor climbing sessions. The kit bounty provided by DMM was also very welcome and as I drove home on Sunday night I couldn’t help but smile that maybe, just maybe we had got some people into climbing and into our world of mountaineering..… oh and help Shauna win the competition!

Jason Till
Berwyn Mountaineering- Walk, Climb, Expeditions
MTUK Hill & Mountain Skills & Lowland Leader Award Course Provider

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