The start of things to come

West Midlands workshop

MTA Midlands Region workshop - Weds 10th September 2014 – Redpoint Climbing Centre

Seven Midlands based members met with Joby Davis the regional CPD coordinator and Mountain Training Coaching Scheme provider who introduced the group to the theme for the evening:

Games, activities and coaching to inspire climbers - Enhance your skills and share ideas to enable you to run good quality climbing sessions.

And so a full evening of activity started with games to warm up, bouldering activities and then some developmental climbing activity to finish off the evening.

There was much more to this workshop than the above sentence. Joby explained why we might want to select different activities for different groups and importantly when to use them to maximise learning and climbing development for beginners and beyond. Using an activity to help climbers progress beyond the initial tester experience and to engage them in becoming more proficient climbers, was highlighted as but one reason to apply some thinking into planning for the group, the venue and the activity.

Maximising the benefits of body positioning, twisting, repetition of routes and moves and what the science is now telling us in what we need to do if we want to progress – Joby initiated discussion and activities and gave everyone time to practice things finishing off with an endurance training session.

Thanks to Joby for a great evening, to Redpoint for the use of the wall and bouldering area. A successful start to the cpd programme for MTA members in the Midlands.

Pete Stacey

I found the training a great update summary of the developments in climbing coaching aware & modules, which I was aware of, but how they fit together & complement each other was a mystery. Joby's delivery style is engaging & inspiring. I came away with a bank of new games & skill development activities for my climbing lessons. A fun evening

Dan Whittaker.

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