Regional Night Navigation... and more!

Night navigation is proving popular in the regions. These evenings provide a great opportunity to practise navigation strategies and techniques for both night and poor visibility conditions. It's also an opportunity to act as a mentor for other members, refresh your own skills and network with other members.

In the Peak

Night Nav Winter brings opportunities as well as challenges, and the dark evenings are great for practising a bit of night navigation. Peak Region seized the opportunity on February 16th, and our 20 places quickly booked up. Sadly, not everyone was able to get there on the day, including our event organiser Olly Toogood! However, we took advantage of his meticulous planning and used his customised maps, and a good number took to the moors behind the Fox House on the NT Longshaw Estate.

The promise of clear weather was not fulfilled, and a steady drizzle added spice to the experience. We had a good mix of qualified and aspirant members, so we split into twos and threes to facilitate the passing on of tips and experience. Olly's maps show all sorts of real objectives, such as the remains of a wooden bridge, or the corner of a small enclosure formerly containing a rain gauge, so that when you arrive you know you're there! We've all had to chase nebulous objectives, such as a grid reference in the middle of a featureless slope; you can spend a long time arguing about whether you've got there or not ...

Plans for the Peak Region in 2016 are beginning to come together. We hope to offer more for climbers, and we will be offering one or even two events with Mountain Rescue. A disability and inclusion workshop is planned, and for a novelty we will be including a 1:50,000 navigation day. We hope to re-run the GPS day with Cotswold Outdoor, which was particularly popular last year - the places were booked within 23 hours of appearing on the system!

As ever, we are dependent on people offering to come forward to lead events. And similarly, I'd like to express our gratitude to all who have contributed so far.

If you have an idea, or would like to organise something, let me know -

Stephen Jones
Regional Co-ordinator- Peak District

In the South West

December and January saw a series of great Night Navigation workshops running on Dartmoor. over 30 people attended 5 evenings which gave opportunities to develop and revise skills, meet other members and share experiences. The feedback was that the evenings were really useful and attendees will be keen to attend future events.
There will be a long term programme of CPD and social events for Devon and Cornwall published soon!

The South West has delivered two more Remote Supervision Workshops in the last month. The workshop covers choosing appropriate tools and techniques for use by individual and teams of supervisors as well using evidence based process for developing groups towards remote supervision. The workshops have been very popular with those leading Ten Tors, DofE and cadet expedition groups among others. “much more confident in my role. Understand gaps that I have that need to be closed”. The next workshop runs on Dartmoor on 3rd April 2016.

Gavin Kelly
Regional Co-ordinator- Devon & Cornwall

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