North Wales Regional Social Climbing Events

Who says its always wet in Wales, so far we have had four gloriously sunny social climbing evenings, one after our DMM factory tour in the slate quarries on some great sports routes, one at the Grochan in llanberis Pass where we just managed to pack up and run away before the midges got us and one totally midge free evening on a sunlit Bochclwyd crag.

Social Climbing

The heatwave extended to allow us a pleasant evening thrutching up some old fashioned routes on the Gribin Facet, Ogwen.

Now let's focus on making the most of the evening light and by popular demand head for an evening at Castell Helen / Holyhead Mountain on Tuesday 26th August. This is open to any MTA member, there are no real plans apart from meeting up and having the usual fun on a route.

If you plan to climb on Castell Helen, then you must be comfortable on HS/VS terrain. There will be a couple of Mountain Instructors at Castell Helen who will offer guidance and advice if needed. We'll meet in the RSPB cafe car park 6-615 and you'll need your own climbing kit.

Please book through CMS, to give us an idea of number. If the weather changes then I will be in touch about changing night or venue.

Hope to see you there!
NW Co-ordinator

Regional events are open to all members so if you find yourself in the area working or on Holiday please come along. There are no real plans apart from meeting up and having fun on a route.

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