Moors for the future

A windy and overcast Saturday morning saw 12 MTA members set out onto Kinder Scout accompanied by two members of staff from the Moors for the Future Programme (a multi-million pound upland peat bog restoration programme working with moorland land owners across both the Peak District and South Pennines).

During our journey we were told how industrial pollution had caused extensive damage to the bog system over the last 200 years and then shown a 'control' site on the plateau where monitoring takes place but no restoration had been attempted.

We then visited a second site where extensive intervention had taken place, the huge difference was immediately apparent. Wet, healthy, sphagnum moss rich bog is the desired result and much progress has been made in that direction transforming the formerly bare, fast eroding peat groughs.

The repair methods and the benefits resulting for both the local and wider environment where explained in detail. We were also shown monitoring techniques and even encouraged to plant some sphagnum 'plugs' ourselves.

Finally Moors for the Future Programme's public science programme was discussed and the opportunities for attendees and their client groups to make a contribution explained.

The day concluded with a debrief and rehydrate in the Snake Pass Inn!

Words & images by

Peter Judd

MTA member & BMC specialist volunteer


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Moors for the future

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