Learning about the glaciation of North Wales with Jim Langley

North Wales On Sunday I spent a day with Jim Langley of Nature’s Work in Snowdonia.

I hold a strong passion for the outdoors as i have spent many years guiding walks, fell running and teaching the Duke of Edinburgh scheme throughout the UK. My outdoor year is in some ways dictated by the weather. My clients make plans throughout Winter and Spring for my busier periods later in the year. This allows me the time to refresh my knowledge ready for the hectic summer months.

I could have stayed at home in the Peak District and read books on glaciation and how it effected North Wales. The best way of learning for myself is to get stuck in, physically involved. Through the Mountain Training Association workshops I contacted Jim.

After meeting up with Jim and the other folks on the CPD course we headed out to Llyn Ogwen where we started to cover how glaciation of the area occurred and what evidence we have to demonstrate its existence. Jim had plenty of time to explain complex terminology to us that would have had me scratching my head reading at home. Explaining such terms as glacial striations and then being able to physically see markings in rock assist the learning process.

The weather was ideal for us to progress further so we headed to Llyn Idwall. Here we could imagine the glacier bulldozing its way creating the valley in the process. Being able to walk along and examine moraines made sense and brought back my memories of times around the Aletschgletscher in Switzerland.

By spending the time physically out on the hill and receiving clear answers to complex questions makes refreshing my knowledge a lot more palatable. It gives you the incentive to learn more and encourages you
to pass on your knowledge to others. Thanks Jim.

By Matt Dawson
MTA member

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