Climbing and Psychology

Sports PsychologyAlan Halewood was one of 4 people who attended a CPD workshop at TCA Glasgow recently. As an established climbing coach here's his comments:

The workshop was based around Coaching Mental Skills for Climbing and was run by Sport Psychologist Jessica Tang of Sportpsych Solutions. Jessica is working professionally with a number of climbers including TCA Glasgow's Youth Squad.

Jessica gave us 2 imaginary students with a problem that could be tackled with the application of some sports psychology and had us come up with a plan at the beginning of the session.

Then introducing some examples of her own work with climbers she gave us some tips on applying goalsetting, imagery and self talk before having us redesign our intervention with the students.

Although none of the 3 areas we looked at were new to me Jessica gave me a more in depth understanding of both the theory and application of each. Two of us on the workshop are Mountain Training Coaching Awards providers and both of us came away with new learning to apply and felt that a workshop with Jessica or another similarly experienced Sport Psychologist would be of benefit to anyone working in coaching climbing.

John Kettle who was also on the workshop and provides continued personal development workshop on climbing tactics, physical and mental along with coaching climbing movement for the Assocations' had this to say:

'An easy to apply, informative introduction to sports psychology for climbers. My coaching has already benefited from the day.'

Alan Halewood
Mountain Training Coaching Provider and MTA Regional Co-ordinator for Scotland.

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