Become an OK Champion and help blow the whistle on sunburn!

OK logo The Mountain Training Association is proud to support The Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code (OKSSC), the UK’s only free sun protection resource bank and accreditation scheme, specifically designed for all those who work outdoors with kids.

This summer the focus is on taking action; because as we all know, despite good intentions, sun protection doesn’t work in a kit bag! The Myfanwy Townsend Melanoma Research Fund; the charity behind the initiative, has launched a campaign to recruit a team of OK Champions to help spread the word on the importance of sun protection and inspire others.

OK Champions will be made up of people like you; coaches, volunteers, parents, carers, teachers and young people from all sports, who are keen to help create a healthier core nation.

Why get involved?

Melanoma is one of the fastest rising cancers in the UK today and can be sparked by over exposure to the sun, in particular sunburn. All children should grow-up without the risk of developing this, the most dangerous form of skin cancer, and the best way to achieve this is to take action and help Blow the Whistle on Sunburn!

How to get involved

OK Champions can get involved and make a difference in the following ways:
  • Raise awareness of the OKSSC at sporting events, including school sports days and summer fairs.
  • Promote the OKSSC within your school, club or organisation.
  • Persuade colleagues and other sports leaders to visit the OKSSC website to find out why they should get OK Accredited.
  • Promote your activity in a blog and inspire others.
  • Pledge to become a ‘case study’ for media opportunities.
  • Help fundraise for the OKSSC by organising an OK sporting event.
  • Take a sporting challenge and make the OKSSC your charity of choice.
  • Challenge your club or school to make a difference.
  • Get children to make ‘the importance of sun protection’ their key project for summer.
  • Or just get OK Accredited, and tell friends and colleagues why you take sun protection seriously.

OK Support

The charity will provide promotional literature, badges, promotional whistles, PR support, help and advice to all those applying to become an OK Champion.

If you fancy becoming an OK Champion click HERE or contact or, if you simply want to improve your provision of sun protection to children click HERE for more information and guidance.

Take action for a healthier nation!

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