An MTA member in need

Karen Martin
I have been involved in mentoring several aspirant CWA holders in schools I have been working with. This has been through lead climbing training, coaching, and supporting them getting experience with novice groups. One of the school staff, MTA member Karen Martin, successfully passed her CWA/CWAA a few years ago and quite quickly gained work within outdoor education. Sadly Karen was recently diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease and is now unable to instruct/climb due to her illness.

MND is a rare, life-shortening disease and there is no cure. (ALS) is the type of MND where the muscles that enable you to walk, speak & breathe, weaken & waste away. You may have heard this described as “locked in” as your body is essentially paralysed.

Karen is now wheelchair bound and her friends and family are raising money to have essential adjustments made to her home. Her friend has set up a Just Giving page, so if anyone would like to help out, please click here for more information.

Written by
Graham Little
MTA member
Owner of Graham Little Outdoors
An MTA member in need

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