David Brooms workshop

Access & Conservation in the White & Dark Peak

In June and July, MTA members local to the Peak District were treated to a two-day CPD workshop series by David Broom (expert ecologist and Mountain Leader course staff), designed to help Lowland, Hill and Mountain Leaders expand their environmental knowledge and consolidate their environmental interpretation skills. Walking and mountain leaders enjoy opportunities to lead groups within outdoor areas of great landscape beauty, natural and cultural heritage and its important that they can interpret the interest of these valuable landscapes to their groups, both to enrich their enjoyment and to encourage responsible use of these often fragile environments.

Through a combination of direct instruction from qualified and experienced tutors and group discussion the workshops covered a wide range of environmental topics and issues of relevance to lowland, hill and mountain leaders.

Read a workshop review from one of our members

I'm on a very focused journey of learning (in fact it has become a little obsessive) as I work my way excitedly, enthusiastically and intrepidly towards my Mountain Leader assessment this autumn. I've spent the last 2 years tightening up my navigation, introducing friends to wild camping and generally getting more interested and involved with the MTA as I realised what excellent support and personal development opportunities were available.

Peak Access and Conservation
I have been attending as many workshops and courses as I can manage. Some of these have been in Snowdonia - geology, glaciation, the mountain environment and alpine flowers to name just a few of the subjects I have enjoyed. However more recently Stephen Jones, our regional coordinator, has organised some very useful and interesting MTA Access and Environment workshops in the Peak District. The first was in the White Peak on a hot and sunny day in June looking at the lowland plants, flowers, grasses, history and land management.

The second (of a proposed trilogy) was an Access and Conservation MTA workshop on the 8th July. The same group of MTA members who attended the first workshop set off from Edale out onto the Kinder Plateau to discover more about the peat bogland which people either love or loathe.

David Broom (expert ecologist) was our guide and inspiration at both workshops. His workshops have been well thought through and very well delivered, his overall knowledge of the subject being extensive and comprehensive. Along the way we also got some helpful and supportive tips for how to deal with the access and environment element of assessment.

I'm a Derbyshire lass through and through, so not only have these workshops been useful as I work towards my assessment, they will also make my local walks more enjoyable and interesting. I want to express my thanks to all who organise, support and deliver these wonderful MTA workshops. I don't want to stop learning.

Written by
Emma Holland

(MTA member)

A special thanks to Stephen Jones (MTA Peak Regional Coordinator), and David Broom (MTA workshop provider) for organising and hosting these fantastic CPD opportunities for local members. We look forward to many more in the future.

A lesson in Access & Conservation

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