A day out with the Kinder Mountain Rescue Team

Kinder Mountain Rescue Team Maybe you haven't visited the Kinder Mountain Rescue Base. Well, a select party of nine Mountain Training Association members did just that on Saturday, 4 June.

The first thing you notice is that it is conveniently situated in the yard of the George Inn! Just the thing for thirsty team members after a summer's day sweating away on the hill ...

The Kinder Mountain Rescue Team generously hosted us for a whole day, led by Vinny Farrell, but supported by a good number of other team members. The morning was given over to an in-depth series of presentations about the work of the team. The information was really up-to-date, and course participants were really interested and had lots of questions for the team.

Among the things covered were MR and water hazards, with photo and video coverage of their adventures in the Lakes during the floods this winter. And we were greatly reassured that following the retirement of the Sea Kings and the ending of the association with the RAF, Bristow Helicopters, who have been providing the service in association with HM Coastguard, are providing an excellent rescue service with state of the art modern helicopters.

After the quickest of sandwich lunches, we rode in the team's Landrovers to their outdoor base in a nearby quarry, and did rescue scenarios in groups, finishing with the course members doing a mock carry-off with a live volunteer under the critical eyes of the team members. We got full marks!

Many thanks to Vinny and the Team. It was a great day, and we all learned lots.

Stephen Jones
Regional Co-ordinator- Peak District

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